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Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

Fishing Stories on Fripp IslandFishing stories compose an almost equal number of passages and Chaplin’s Journal. In the summer, Chaplin fish for sheepshead and in the fall for bass while carefully recorded in his journal the number of his catch. Oysters and clams were easy to rake in the mud flats of the marsh, but Chaplin did not like getting in the mud and assigned that task to his slaves. Even though Chaplin was well acquainted with the waters around St. Helena, he like everyone else before or after him occasionally went aground. He wrote in his journal on September 30, 1845, intending going home early, this morning, but the boat got aground and we could not get her off before the flood tide. Did not get to the plantation until after sunset. Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

Chaplin’s accounts make clear that hunted only barrier islands and fishing in the water surrounded them were some of the most delightful aspects of his life as a St. Helena planner. His brief entry on December 26, 1849, captures the special role that the Hunting Island played for him. Went to Skull Inlet with E. Capers and Frank Gabriel and Dr. Kirk. Caught a good chance of fish. Kill one there, and spent a very pleasant time. St. Helena was Chaplin’s home. It was where he oversaw the planning of a wide variety of crops, raising numerous animals, supervise slaves, maintaining his buildings and boats and cared for his family. Although he had been born of privilege, he squandered much of his wealth in poor business decisions and over indulgence and was often in serious debt and despair. For him, the hunting now is offered a retreat, a place to relax and seek refuge from daily demands. Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

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