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Fripp Island A Small Jewel

This Article was written By Page Miller

Fripp Island A Small Jewel

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A small jewel of sure beauty alone the Carolina coast, Fripp I the island claims only 2 mi.² above sea level. For much of his history, it has stood in the shadows of its larger neighbor’s, St. Helena and Hilton Head Island’s. Fripp’s remote location has discouraged commercialization and favored a family-oriented resort. The many children who have traveled to Fripp on vacations have prevented it from becoming solely a retirement community. Lush tropical vegetation powdery white sand of the ever-changing dunes, and expansive beach and the abundance of wildlife have for many years drawn people to this exceptional place. Fripp Island has been shaped by the ebb and the flow of tides, the fortunes and difficulties of developers and fluctuations in the residential community. With a 3 ½ mile beach and narrow landmass interspersed with marsh, the island claims only 2 square miles above sea level.

In a part of South Carolina low country where hundreds of islands form a jigsaw puzzle, divided by rivers, marshes and tidal creeks, Fripp is one of the barrier islands that serves as a buffer between the ocean and those islands closer to the mainland. Unlike islands that have the same bed rock as the mainland, barrier islands are formed from sand dunes and expand towards the ocean. The buildup of river segments flowing to the sea creatures small masses that become barrier islands. These islands like geographical stability and are active formations, experiencing constant sand and migrations as we end and tides transform their shores.

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