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Fripp’s Lowcountry

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Fripp’s Lowcountry

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Fripp Island encompasses the unique characteristics of low country, barrier islands. Creeks and tidal marshes lie on the backside of the island. Ridges of tall Pines, life Oaks, palmettos and wax myrtle’s grow along the core of the these islands, and a series of dunes protect the main landmass of the island from the ocean. Fripp lies on approximately 30 diagonal that extends from the southwest, usually call South, to the northeast, known as North. The Fripp inlet with Hunting Island less than one third of a mile away from its borders. The North East in. The southwestern tip is adjacent to skull and let with Pritchard’s Island, a stone throw at low tide.

In the early 18th century English settlers moved into what is now Beaufort County. St. Helena Island, a large 45 square mile island between Fripp and the town of Beaufort, cast the primary shadow over Fripp. Although the owners of St. Helena cotton plantations consider Fripp Island too small for habitation or for cultivate crops, they did use it as a hunting outpost. Fripp’s Lowcountry









Fripp’s Lowcountry

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