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Life on St. Helena

Life on St. HelenaLive on St. Helena changed dramatically on November 7, 1861, call by African Americans living in the area at that time the day on the gun -shoot at Bay Point. On that day, during the battle of Port Royal, which took place near the southwest end of St. Helena, the Union Navy captured the Confederate ports that protected the entrance to the port of Beaufort. Confusion reigned in Beaufort and all St. Helena, as plantation owners hastily made moves to evacuate. Capt. John Fripp, the brother of good Billy, who was the not only one of the richest landowners, but also a union sympathizer, gathered his slave for some parting advice. According to the noted historian Willie Lee Rose, he told them to forget about growing cotton and to grow crops that they could eat, or otherwise they may starve. Over 100 years later, the resort development on Fripp would name the ocean condominiums, Capt. John Fripp villas, a name that undoubtedly associated with the legend of the 18th century privateer two year and not the 19th century planner. Life on St. Helena

Although the slaves on St. Helena Island were not officially freed until January 1, 1863, when Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Port Royal, in effect, liberated them. Within a few years many of them became owners of small plots of land. During the Union occupation of Beaufort in 1863, the US tax commission, sold abandoned lands and houses in much of the Beaufort area for failure of the owners to pay property taxes. The federal government bought some of the land and divided into small farms for the former slaves. Life on St. Helena

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