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New Owners Fripp Island

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Fripp Island real estate

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New Owners Fripp Island SC

After the death of James MacLoughlins, wife in 1932, her three children inherited the island, but quickly sold it in 1933 for $4500 to William R. Dorman of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Dorman, whose father had valuable real estate holdings in New York, was only 24 years old when he purchased Fripp. Bill, as he was call, learned about Fripp on a trip to Beaufort to visit Adam and Natalie Haskell, who were friends of his parents. The Haskell’s open a guesthouse in Tidalholm home, an elegant antebellum mansion, built by Edward Fripp. While at, Tidalholm, Dorman fell under the spell of the beauty of the Lowcountry and had a real estate agent show him the barrier islands. Not only did Dorman purchased Fripp, but he also bought St. Phillips, old, Prichard’s and Bay Point islands.

Fripp Island SC

Julian, Levin, a Beaufort lawyer, recalled his outings to Fripp. As a young boy with Dorman and the twin sons of the Haskett’s. Dorman usually came South around Thanksgiving. They would sail to Fripp in Dorman’s 35 foot, to mass sailing vessel for a week to 10 days, staying in camp house known as Oh House, which perhaps gave us the name of the Creek on the backside of Fripp. Although Oh House may conjure up images of a handsome antebellum home, it was a small rustic cabin. Dorman and his three boys were usually alone on Fripp to fish, swim and explore the beach and the marsh Creek’s.


Fripp Island SC

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