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Early Days on Fripp Island

This Article was written By Page Miller

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Early Days on Fripp Island

One of the unique early homes belonged to Ron and Elrose Yaw. Built in 1967 by Jim Rentz’s coastal contractors, this beachfront home called Sea Dawn was a grayish stained octagon structure was surrounding decks that bleach with the sand dunes. A large living area featured a handsome fireplace with a sunken conversation pit, Yaw referred to as the martini pit. In 1968 John and Barbara Miller, part-timers from Chicago and Colorado, where they had a Hereford ranch, built a large home with Columns  that quickly became dubbed Tara. The Millers were known for their elegant Christmas parties where they serve smoke pheasant. Fripp Island Real Estate

Many of the employees of the resort did not live on Fripp but never the less became an integral part of the island community. Dixie Winter especially recalled James Atkins, a black man who worked at the inn and was greatly respected on the island. Atkins wore many hats, Winter said; if you needed a ride to the airport he could be a chauffeur, if the yard man was sick, he could cut the grass. When Atkins had a hart attack, the fripp community collected money to assist with his expenses. As Winter tells the story, fripp retiree John Seymore took the card and money to the hospital. When Seymore arrived at Aitkin’s room, the nurse looked at him sternly and said, He’s allowed to see members of the family only. Then according to Winter, Seymore looked at the nurse and said firmly, well, he’s my brother, so they let him in. Fripp Island Real Estate

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