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First People on Fripp Island

This Article was written By Page Miller

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Among the first part-time residents were Bill and Dixie Winter. When they built the seventh house on the island in 1965, both were still working in Aiken, Bill at the Savannah River Plant as an engineer  and administrator and Dixie as a teacher. They came to Fripp for weekends, and Dixie and their daughters came for the summer. Bill recalls that for the first few years they did not have a telephone at their Fripp house. When they would arrive on Friday evening, there would be a note tucked in their door telling them where the party would be that night. Fripp Island Real Estate


In few cases, the husband commuted to work while the wife established a full time residence on Fripp. This was the case this was the case with Gini and Griff Reese. When they moved to Fripp from New York in 1968, Gini retired from teaching music but Griff continued as a pilot for Pan Am Airlines. Since he had the long Asian routes, he had extended layovers on Fripp between flights. Goff, vision and the natural beauty of the island attracted them to Fripp. As often as three times a week, they would feast in the evening all seafood that they had, that day.


Fripp Island Real Estate

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