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Another Sale of Fripp Island

This Article was written By Page Miller

Another Sale of Fripp Island

Fripp Island real estate

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Robert Graves, a commercial shrimper and supply preacher who lives on St. Helena Island, has fond memories from his boyhood of camping in hunting Fripp. One of the most exciting experiences was being chased by a wild hog and seeking refuge in the tree. The site of oh house, which by 1950s was no longer standing, once favorite spot for pitching their tents, for it was easily accessible and somewhat protected. He recalls fighting off mosquitoes with ample supply of bug spray and use of mosquito nets. In answer to the question of whether there were ever stills on Fripp; Gray said he had never seen any on Fripp speculated that the wild hogs would have eaten up the mash before it had time to become liquor.


On September 9, 1954, McLean lumber company sold Fripp Island for $40,000 to the Fripp Island Corporation, which was made up a group of 16 Beaufortonians who purchase it for a private hunting and fishing preserve. The group included local leaders such as Sheriff McTeer, Claude McLeod, Harold and John Tress, GG Downing and Bradley Harvey Sr., men who over the years had been hunting, fishing and camping on Fripp, many of them since childhood.

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