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First Marina Building on Fripp Island

This Article was written By Page Miller

First Marina Building on Fripp Island

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Fishing was a passion with many early residents. George Douglass, an insurance executive from Connecticut who had retired and moved to Fripp in 1969, headed up the efforts to the build, at residences expense, a floating dock on old house Creek at the end of Bonita Road. The frequent use of the dock highlighted the need for a small service building nearby to provide space for storage of boating equipment, toilet facilities and sale of bait, supplies and soft drinks. On April 22, 1970, George Douglass, on behalf of himself and Bob Sutton, wrote to Jack Kilgore asking the Fripp resort to lease us a small area in the head of the dock for a nominal yearly sum. Douglas made it clear that the residents would pay for the structure, follow the islands architectural and keep the area clean. In a handshake agreement, Kilgore gave permission for the small marina building in the spring of 1970.


In an oversized green vinyl record book how log: Old house Creek Marina, Sutton kept a daily account of activities at the Marina. From the first entry on May 17, 1970, until the last one on April 23, 1971, this log provides a rich history of a vibrant community of fishermen. Each entry includes a list of boats that went to and from the dock that day, notations on the weather plus sundry other bits of information. During the first two months, the log gave us progress reports on the construction on the marina building. For example, they may 27th entry noted finish roof at eaves on bait house. The primary work crew included George Douglass, Bob and Shirley Sutton, their son Bobby, John Miller and Bill Brazell, who operated the dredge for the building of the Fripp Canal and lagoons. Dan Sawyer, a retired architect from South Hampton, Massachusetts, savaged a nineteenth century arch window to give the building a little class. Finally on June 13, 1970, the log announced open house. And 27 people sign the guest list.


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