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A Gift for Grandma

This letter was written to a good friend by her grand  daughter

Hollen Spain

I was in South Carolina, waiting for Grandma to get the leash so we could walk Sparky. I climbed on the Angel Oak tree outside as Spanish moss hung from the branches like frosty icicles. I kept an eye on Sparky; a Jack Russell with big dark eyes. He was excited for his evening walk and could barely wait for Grandma to get his leash.

“I have the leash. Will you put it on him, Dear?” Grandma said in

her southern accent. “Yes, and can we walk Sparky to the beach?” I replied. “Definitely.” I quickly connected the leash to Sparky’s collar.

“Click,” it snapped on. I noticed he was as eager to walk as I was. “Sparky and I are ready,” I said. “Then let’s go,” Grandma replied. We walked up the sandy road: Sea Dragon Lane, stopping every

once in a while so Sparky could sniff the plants. We approached the stairs to access the beach and Sparky hopped up them as if he was a bunny rabbit. I looked at the beautiful scenery as the beach lay in front of us. The shrimp boats dotted the horizon as the sun was setting over the water.

“Isn’t it just beautiful?” Grandma said. “Yes,” I exclaimed. We walked down the stairs, and on to the path, watching out for


sand burs and looking over the dunes. Sea grass waved through the thick, salty air. Ghost crabs peeked out as the sandpiper scurried along the ocean edge. Grandma took off the leash, and Sparky bolted to the crashing waves.

“Do you want to look for sand dollars?” Grandma asked.

“Of course!” I said running to the waves as the mist sprayed on to my face. Grandma took my hand and we walked across the bay looking for pretty shells.

“I found one!” I exclaimed. All together Grandma and I collected six. When we could not find any more, Grandma said, “I am going to sit down so why don’t you go play with Sparky.” “Sure” I said and ran to the waves chasing and playing with Sparky.

When it started getting darker, Grandma said it was time to go. took the leash and clipped it on to Sparky, grabbed my shoes, and Grandma and I held hands walking back to the house.

“I love walking with you and Sparky,” I said.

“I love walking with you too,” she replied.

When we got to the house, I saw my mom in the kitchen and Haylie watching television. Wow, they missed a lot of fun, I thought.

P.S I love walking with you and staying at your house for three exciting

weeks and I cannot wait till next year! I love you grandma! -Hollen Spain

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