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Combating Erosion

This Article was written By Page Miller

Combating Erosion

Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

In 1973 corporation management and the property owners united in a battle against the sea. The new corporation’s first major expenditure was building a seawall along the islands north east point. Serious erosion had occurred along the shoreline of the Fripp Island inlet in the late 60s and early 70s with the disappearance of beach, dunes and lots. The road that had once provided an outer loop around the golf course had fallen into the pounding surf. Fripp Island Real Estate


The S&Ls consulted with erosion specialists Dr. Per Bruun, an engineer from the technical University of Norway, who recommended the construction of a 2000 foot long concrete seawall, reinforced with an embankment of large rocks. The wall border the Fripp inlet shore and then extended as a Jetty out into the Atlantic Ocean. The project was completed at the end of 1974 at a cost of $300,000, which in 2005 dollars  would be the sizable investments all $1.2 million. The seawalls primary purpose was to prevent the water lines along porpoise drive from being washed out. Additionally it protected the golf course and one of the most scenic portions of the island.

Efforts at combating beach erosion, however, had been underway for several years prior to the billing of the seawall by Fripp island development Corporation. The commissioners for the public service district, who were charged by the state law with responsibility for water supply, erosion control and fire protection on Fripp Island, had devoted considerable attention and money to the threat to the beach. In 1970, the commissioners developed a three-pronged strategy and borrowed $120,000 from the South Carolina state sinking fund to build two hundred foot concrete and timber groins at the South Western in of the island, install 11 tube groins filled with sand on the islands northeastern end, reconstruct dunes and renourish at the center of the island. Fripp Island Real Estate

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