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Savings and Loan Coalition

This Article was written By Page Miller

Savings and Loan Coalition

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

Charlie Spencer, a rock Hill attorney, played a pivotal role in brokering the transfer of the ownership from Jack Kilgore, the original developer, who a coalition of savings and loan. Spencer built one of the first houses on Fripp and sequently became a member of the board own and managed the inn. His son, Chuck Spencer, who was only a teenager at the time, recently recall his father saying that Fripp had become stagnant, the golf course had withered away, these stockholder were fed up as something to be done to prevent foreclosures. Thus Charlie Spencer discussed with his close friend John Hardin the possibility of a coalition S&Ls acquiring Fripp. Having planning to seed that led to the purchase, Spencer’s law firm handle the eventual transaction. Fripp Island SC


Hardin, who headed a rock Hill savings-and-loan, subsequently talk to Jack Lawrence, the chief officer of a savings and loan in Greenwood. Both own oceanfront home on Fripp and both were seeking promising investor’s opportunities for their financial institutions. Coastal investments sounded particular to Lawrence, who was familiar with sizable investment of Jim Self, the president Greenwood Mills, in Hilton Head’s Sea Pines plantation, where the primary road is Greenwood Drive.  Fripp Island SC

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