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Erosion on Fripp Island

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This Article was written By Page Miller

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee


When still faced with increasing erosion the PSD, which operated with tax revenues, faced a critical financial situation. It had two major debts to pay off: one on a $280,000 bond for the construction of the water system and the other a 1970 loan from the states sinking fund to combat erosion. In a November 1971 the letter to all Fripp island taxpayers, the PSD on it out that the island did not have a sufficient number of water subscriptions to absorb the operating cost of pumping and delivered water; this made the mill rate for Fripp taxes the highest in the County. And to make matters worse, the water system needed additional work. By 1975 the PSD reported receiving $45,000 in tax revenue from the county treasury but $30,000 of that amount went towards servicing debts. Because of the financial constraints, the PSD could assume only a limited role in the battle in the sea. Fripp Island Real Estate

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