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Sand Dunes

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Fripp Island SC

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Fripp Island Real Estate

Individuals who owned oceanfront properties had some success in using palm fronds and snow fencing to trap sand during windy periods. This tactic encourage the development of sand dunes. However, the progress made in retaining sand thing to be followed quickly by more erosion. And early winter storm on December 3, 1971, with tides of 12 to 13 feet the highest in almost a decade leading the 18th green and the 10th fairway of what is known now as ocean point golf course. The groins at either end of the island prove effective, but there was considerable loss of sand at the mid-portions of the beach. With no other funds available, the owners  beachfront properties consulted with Dr. Bruun and following his recommendations build a large artificial done. Each of the oceanfront property owners agreed in March 1972 to pay $250 and engaged a Savannah company to bill of the beach and dunes. Fripp Island Real Estate

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