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Acclimating to Fripp Island Starts with Local Business

South Carolina Vacation Just like any new place you move to, acclimation and being on the same page as the locals gives you peace of mind. It boosts your confidence to call yourself a member of the locality. And now you’ve decided to pick the best coastal island in South Carolina, to own real estate and start a new chapter, you have to familiarize yourself with the way of life on Fripp Island.

Living on Fripp Island is a slower and more relaxed way of life with much milder weather than what you’re probably used to, which is obvious. Maybe tacking back the pace a bit once you’re officially on island time should be your first order of business. But what may take a little more familiarizing is to gather how well the community supports local and small business.

There are plenty of local businesses that any resident would pick over a big box or corporate retailer. It’s just the way of life valued and cultured across the Island. And whatever service and business you’re looking for, local Fripp Island businesses likely offer it. Everything from local coffee shops to technology services to grocery and fish markets are offered by local business.

So remember when you buy into Fripp Island, you’re doing so much more than simply buying real estate in the most beautiful corner of the country; you’re buying into a way of life. This is a way of life wherein you support your neighbor and appreciate local neighborhood ethics.

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