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Ocean View or Ocean Front

waterfront homesA home near the ocean, whether year-round or just for vacations, can be a relaxing, beautiful place to visit or live. With hundreds of homes built along and near the coast, many in the market are faced with purchasing property that is oceanfront or ocean view. While both of these options are appealing, there are differences to consider beyond the view.

Waterfront homes and buildings have a full frontal view of the ocean, situated right on the coastline. Water view homes, however, are typically further away the waterfront, but still within site and walking distance to the water. The view of the ocean from these properties however could be at an angle or only available from certain spots in the house.

A beachfront yard is great, but if there are structural or design problems with the house, you could end up spending thousands of dollars in repair. On the other hand, homes a few streets back from the ocean likely have less wind, sand and water damage. They are also at less of a risk when it comes to hurricane destruction.

You also must of course consider the cost of the house versus where it is located. Typically an oceanfront house will cost significantly more than ocean view. The homeowner’s insurance on an oceanfront house could also be increased too as the risk of damage is higher. If you are purchasing a vacation home, you could always rent it throughout the year to supplement the cost, something that should be considered when looking at the asking price for the property.

Considering the condition of the property, the distance from the ocean, the prices of the home and of course the view are all important components to the buying process. Weighing the pros and cons when it comes to each area can help you make the best, and most cost effective decision. Spending time in the area you plan to buy and looking at as many homes as you can before deciding are also common suggestions when it comes to your home purchase.

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