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Waterfront Property Always a Reliable Investment

beachfrontThe South Carolina Sea Islands are a great place to own real estate due in great part to waterfront proximity. For both long term and attracting renter income, waterfront housing is great for generating reliable investment.

Income (or investment) property is among the most passive ways to generate return on real estate investment. Renting out a unit allows you to more quickly payoff your lien to increase your net worth. And there is little else an investor could ask for than income property in tourist destinations to maximize occupancy.

When targeting a rental market, the demand for waterfront is much higher than landlocked competition- even higher in demand than ‘waterfront access’ units. Nothing can replicate the magnitude of sitting seaside on vacation on a private deck with no one bothering you or telling you it’s time to leave. You can therefore charge more and expect little drop in demand.

For the same reason the renter’s market for a waterfront unit will always remain strong, so too will the buyer market. And with prevailing appreciation, you can add an even greater appreciation to waterfront units.

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