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Jack Kilgore Helped Make Fripp Island What It’s Become

Jack KilgoreLocated near the southern tip of South Carolina, Fripp Island has long been a highly desirable destination for South Carolina residents to find their vacation home, as well as for vacationers from all across the United States.

Fripp Island, though, has not always been the vacation destination it is today. It was thanks to the vision of Jack Kilgore, who partnered with a number of investors more than 50 years ago to develop what was then a jungle into a picturesque resort.

Kilgore first visited Fripp Island in 1960, according to a recently posted article on by David Lauderdale. After seeing the area, he convinced 14 other investors to purchase the 3,500-acre land that was used primarily as a remote hunting and fishing escape. For a man selling trucks at the time, putting his life savings and begging others for an investment was a huge gamble.

It paid off handsomely over time, as any resident today can attest. Kilgore envisioned the island as an exclusive vacation property, and he began selling lots in 1963, driving potential buyers alongside the beach and cooking fish just caught out of the ocean.

Kilgore developed the island during the next 13 years, helping to bring infrastructure to Fripp Island, including building private bridges and securing a fresh water line. He also brought amenities such as inn, restaurant, golf course and marina. All told, his vision helped spur the growth on the island.

When he cashed out his stake in 1973, it was worth more than $3 million and the island’s development began to truly bloom.

Fripp Island still remains a premium vacation destination today. If you are looking to buy a vacation home on Fripp Island, take a look at the properties available from Fripp Island Real Estate. Tucked between the South Carolina coast and the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, Fripp Island remains one of the top places in the country for golf, watersports and relaxing. Come see what Kilgore imagined more than 50 years ago and how it’s grown to become such a fantastic place to relax, unwind and enjoy.

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