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Golf Courses Located on Fripp Island

Fripp Island is a beautiful and wonderful place to golf. As a barrier island on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, it offers sunny days, warm temperatures, and, best of all, spectacular views of the ocean.

GolfIf you’re a golfer, you need to visit Ocean Point Golf Course on Fripp Island. While there, enjoy the view of the ocean at the first tee. Feel the ocean breezes on your body. Be challenged by the offshore winds. And, to make it especially interesting, watch out for pond alligators nearby. Ocean Point Golf Course has some of the greenest grass you’ll find at any golf resort in the world. It’s also surrounded by nature’s beauty, from blue herons flying above to the distant crash of ocean waves in the distance.

Besides Ocean Point Golf Course, there’s also Ocean Creek. Designed by Davis Love III, its pristine setting includes cypress, mangrove and pine trees along the fairways. Love, a beloved PGA player, also happens to be a great architect of golf courses like Ocean Creek. He utilizes the native landscape to dramatic-yet-subtle effect. At times there are thick woods to the one side of the course and water on the other. Some have said they feel like they’re golfing in a painting come to life because the area is so naturally and artistically beautiful to the eyes.

Indeed, one of the reasons people take up golf is for the chance to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery. Fripp Island offers well-maintained, visually-stunning golf courses that make for unforgettable experiences. You’ll be happy to just be able to say to others you’ve been there, let alone played golf by the ocean!

Golf Courses in FrippGolfing is a good sport because it challenges the body and mind. It can uniquely be both challenging and relaxing at the same time. After all, part of the fun of the game is seeing how many swings it ultimately takes to get that little white ball into a far off hole, right? Being outside in the sunshine can be relaxing. You’ll get a bit of a tan if you want to, and the gentle exercise of golf loosens up the body and gets endorphins flowing. It’s a feel-good time.

Perhaps one of the main reasons people love to golf, besides the scenery and exercise it affords, is that golfing is a social activity. Many friends enjoy a golf game together, and if you play the sport often, you’re likely to make new friends on the course. Whether you joke around or place bets on who will win, one thing’s for sure: golf is a social game. It’s fun.

Golf is a major focus of Fripp Island, but it’s also home to other family-friendly, active pursuits like tennis, bicycling and canoe tours. People don’t come to Fripp Island to stay indoors and watch TV. They come to explore the great outdoors, get active, and enjoy life to the fullest.

While nearby Hilton Head Island is a very developed, commercial area, Fripp Island, its golf courses, and other amenities offer a more relaxed pace and less traffic. Tidal creeks, marsh grasses and white sands help make Fripp Island an ideal place to spend time near the Atlantic Ocean.

Since it’s a resort community, Fripp Island is a great place to find your next home. With the help of John Lee, the area’s premier real estate agent, you can find the perfect year-round residence or a vacation retreat. Lee’s company, Fripp Island Real Estate, is great at matching buyers/renters with homes, condos, rentals and/or beachfront property to meet their needs. Call 843-575-2820 to schedule an appointment with Lee to discuss what you’re looking for, and be sure to mention if you’re a golfer or someone who wants to take up the sport.


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