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3 Surprising Ways Golf Benefits Your Health

Fripp Island Real EstateWhen you think of high intensity sports, golf likely isn’t one of the first to come to mind. Just because you’re not sprinting or benching weights though, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great workout!

Although it’s typically considered a sport of leisure, golf challenges you physically and mentally in ways you might not expect. Check out a few of the advantages a round on the course has to offer for your health!

1) Golf is a good form of exercise.

A game of golf requires more than just standing around talking, waiting for everyone to take their turn at the tee. You’ll burn plenty of calories playing golf and even improve your heart health!

Swinging clubs, carrying equipment, and following the ball for 9 or 18 holes will have you working up a sweat and getting your heart rate up in no time. Even if you take the cart, golfers on average burn anywhere from 130 to over 300 calories an hour. Plus, if you play regularly, the extra calorie burn and heart workout improves blood circulation, decreases cholesterol levels, and helps lower your risk for heart disease.

2) There are many opportunities for social interaction on the golf course.

Golf is a great way to stay connected with the community and foster relationships, especially for elderly folks or busy businessmen who may not have as many opportunities to do so. There’s plenty of downtime for conversation and keeping score can create some fun and friendly competition. Social interaction is crucial for mental wellbeing, which affects you physically too.

3) Golf provides mental stimulation.

The coordination and concentration required to play golf keeps the brain active and your mind vitalized. Spending time outdoors soaking up Vitamin D, and with others on the course, helps reduce stress and ease anxiety by getting those endorphins flowing!

Additionally, physical activity that increases your heart rate also stimulates blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow and higher oxygen levels help improve nerve cell connections and delay mental illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Breathtaking coastal views and elite course amenities make golfing on Fripp Island a one-of-a-kind, can’t-miss experience!

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