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6 Tips to Spruce up Your Luxury Home Interior Design

Luxury Home Interior DesignOne of the best parts about having a luxury home, besides getting to live in it every day, is keeping up with the latest in luxury home design trends.

When your home is a work of art itself, it probably doesn’t need too much interior design on a day to day basis—but switching things up can keep your home décor interesting, and it’ll surely impress your guests.


Read on for 6 tips to spruce up your luxury home’s interior design and get started with your mini interior transformations today!

Add molding & trim

If you’re loving the luxury feel, but some rooms in your home just aren’t as impressive as others, one quick and relatively inexpensive way to make a room feel grander is to add molding and trim.

Baseboards start at the floor and run the perimeter of the room; you can choose baseboards that are anywhere from 3 to 8 inches high. If you have ceilings that are higher than the usual 8 feet, go with a larger baseboard.

Casing is a trim that frames windows and door frames. Think of casing as a way to spice up the entrance from one room to the next.

Crown molding is the trim that runs along the space in the room where the walls meet the ceiling. Choose a crown molding that’s about an inch thicker than your baseboard, with a similar cut-out design.

To give your room a truly regal feel, add a chair or picture rail. Picture rails are a thin molding that go a few feet higher than your head and were traditionally used to hang photos in older homes, hence the name. Chair rails run around the room at chair height, about 36 inches off the ground, and will give your room a formal feel.

Highlight a focal pointHighlight a Focal Point in Your Luxury Home

Chances are, the rooms in your luxury home are quite large; this can make decorating them a little bit difficult and result in a slightly non-cohesive design. To make sure you’re decorating your rooms in a way to highlight their grandeur and beauty, choose a focal point in each room to highlight.

Focal points can often be an architectural detail, such as a fireplace or a large bay window. Choose the focal point in each room and center the décor around that feature. Choose colors and styles that compliment and point to those features, and even arrange furniture to be facing towards that specific piece of architecture.

Consider the lighting

According to HGTV, one quick way to make a room feel instantly luxurious is to adjust the lighting. Consider this when you choose curtains: you want the sunlight to stream in, but you may also want a heavier material for privacy. Consider two layers of curtains.

Also, it’s a good idea to have a dimmer on every switch to be able to take the space from comfortable to cozy and romantic with just the click of a button.

Fill your spaces with lamps and candles, too, so that there are plenty of options when it comes to your lighting, depending on the occasion!

Fresh flowers & plants

How to Decorate a Luxury Home with PlantsA simple vase of fresh flowers, or a potted plant or two in the kitchen and living area, can completely transform your home. Pick up some flowers at the local farmers’ market every week and keep them in rotation at your home. Your home will feel more like a luxury spa than just your home, and your guests are sure to be impressed.

Choose warm color palettes

When it comes to the colors in your home, luxury is often synonymous with warmth. So, choose warm colors, like beige, saturated red, and even deep greens.

Don’t be afraid to accent with white paint (in the moldings, especially), and don’t be afraid to try something new in a room that isn’t making you feel your best.

Upgrade your furniture

Furniture is about 80% of the design of any given room, so if you want to give your home a truly luxurious feel, you’ll need to pick out some luxurious furniture!

Go for pieces that are plush and oversized, choosing large sectionals that are big and comfy, chairs for the sitting area that you can curl up in, and plush rugs to keep the space cozy. You might think of furniture in a luxury home as ultra-sleek, modern pieces, but it will actually up the luxury ante if you choose lush upholstery and large, comfy, inviting pieces.

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