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Fripp Facts

 Fripp Island Facts

Finding Paradise…

Fripp Island is located at the very end of South Carolina Highway 21, heading east from Beaufort.  The scenic drive crosses a series of bridges and islands including Hunting Island State Park.  The beautiful drive through the moss covered trees welcomes you to the pristine marshlands and natural habitat of the local birds, fauna, and plant life of the coastal region.

Fripp is a private 3,000 acre island community surrounded by  marshlands and the Atlantic Ocean.  Since the beginning of development in 1963, the lush natural sub-tropical beauty and carefully planned amenities of Fripp Island have drawn permanent residents, vacationers, second homeowners and even movie makers! Scenes from “Forest Gump”, Disney’s “Jungle Book” and “The Prince of Tides” were filmed on Fripp.

The Resort

Resort amenities and facilities are owned by a privately held corporation. In order to gain access to those amenities and facilities, property owners  join the club and pay their dues accordingly . Amenities include restaurants, swimming pool complexes, the Beach Club, golf, tennis, etc., but does not include the beach! Membership is not mandatory. They also operate a rental and maintainence operation to assist property owners who desire to rent their property if they are not utilizing it. Click here to get more information on Club Membership.
 We mentioned that Fripp Island has a warm and friendly home-town aspect to it. The Fripp Island Community Center and All Faiths Chapel is central to this welcoming atmosphere. This is where a good many of the social clubs on the Island meet and where there is a non-denominational service every Wednesday evening. Learn more about the clubs, meeting times, community dinners and other functions scheduled at the center on the Community Center website.

If you would like to learn more about the real estate and personal property tax system in Beaufort County, South Carolina, go to theBeaufort County Tax Assessors Website.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what a 14 year old girl wrote for her local newspaper after a visit to Fripp Island.