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Fripp Island Oceanfront Homes for Sale

When searching for the ideal secluded beachfront property, consider Fripp Island oceanfront homes for sale. Fripp Island is a small island community with less than 1,000 residents during the non-summer months with non-crowded beach access. Additionally, the natural beauty of the island is unmatched. Designed as a wildlife sanctuary, Fripp Island is widely renowned for its long lasting efforts in wildlife and habitat conservation. As a result, residents and visitors of Fripp Island alike are able to enjoy beautiful sights of wildlife and lush, natural landscapes daily. In May 2013, the National Wildlife Federation as a “Community Wildlife Habitat” certified Fripp Island. As a major loggerhead turtle hatchery location, Fripp Island actively protects these turtles, especially during the nesting seasons. Fripp Island is also seen as a haven and preserve for deer and a wide variety of bird species; it is not uncommon to have local deer wander right up to your golf cart! The waters also provide vast varieties of fish and crab species, ideal for fishing and crabbing enthusiasts. Conscious measures and efforts are taken to ensure that the local wildlife habitats remain intact and undisturbed. This is one of the many charms to Fripp Island.

Oceanfront Homes for Sale Fripp Island

Fripp Island oceanfront homes for sale tend to be higher in price due to such close proximity to the beach, yet remain the most popular and desired homes on the island. Fripp Island oceanfront homes feature updated amenities with large windows to let in plenty of natural light and surrounding scenery. Enjoy the splendor of panoramic ocean views from the comfort of your own living space.

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