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Fripp Island Beachfront Properties for sale

Buying Process on Beachfront Homes

Fripp Island Real Estate 

fripp island beachfront properties for sale


  1. Find a Realtor® That You Can Trust – make a commitment to them in writing  to work with them.  Working with 5 agents at the same time does not help you to get a home.  They all use the same multiple listing service.
  2. Make a list of what you desire in a property.  Then, meet with your real estate professional and discuss your real estate plans and goals.
  3. If you need a loan, ask your Realtor® for referrals.  They know who the best lenders are and will refer you to someone that their past clients have worked with successfully.  You can find lenders online and who you choose as a lender is up to you.  We have referrals of good lenders that are ethical and base their business practice on integrity. 
  4. Beachfront homes for sale in South Carolina 
  5. Select Fripp or Harbor Island properties if you find them online.  Otherwise, your real estate professional will search all of the available real estate listings and narrow down the list based on your criteria including neighborhoods and amenities.
  6. Preview Properties with your real estate professional.  Evaluate the neighborhoods, the outside of the home from the curb.  Do you like the area, the home from the curb and inside?  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 meaning that love it and 1 meaning that you don’t like it, how would you rate it?  Use this rating system and it will save you a lot time.
  7. Look at your Realtor® as someone working together with you like a team member to help you find, buy and negotiate the purchase.
  8. Write an Offer to Purchase (You will need to write a deposit check payable to your real estate professional’s real estate company)–this check most likely be held until your offer is accepted.  These funds are applied to the down payment at closing.  After acceptance, the deposit check will be given to the escrow company who will be processing the transaction.
  9. The seller will review your offer.  Then, they have the option to accept your offer, counter it or reject it.  Your Realtor’s skills will come into play to assist you every step along the way during the process.
  10. When you and the seller have agreed on the terms of the contract, accept the contract by signing off on the final counter offers.  The contracts along with your deposit check will be held in the listing office  to until the closing.
  11. Have Your Home Inspectioned of the Property, review and sign all disclosures documents from the seller.  Your Realtor® will assist you with these documents. You may ask the seller to repair items that the home inspector has found.  Since all property is sold in “as-is” condition, the seller, according to the purchase contract is not obligated to fix anything.  But, talk to your agent and see what they can do to get some of these items fix, if any.
  12. Your lender or mortgage company will order an appraisal and gather any additional documents from you to get your loan completely processed.  When your mortgage professional calls for a document, attempt to get it them as soon as possible.
  13. After your property’s appraisal is finished, the bank will issue final written loan approval.
  14. Your  Loan Consultant will contact you to sign your loan documents.  Make sure to bring your identification card (i.e. driver’s license) with you.
  15. Within five days before your property closes escrow, you and your Realtor will walk through the property to see that it is in the same condition as it was when you first saw the property.
  16. The Grant Deed is submitted by the Attorney and recorded at the county recorder office.  When they receive confirmation that the deed has been recorded, the escrow company will close the transaction.
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