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Fripp Family


Newspaper article deals with Fripp family

Lowcountry History
by Gerhard Spieler

Published 2nd March 1982

 English friends of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Fourton, of Fripp Island, recently sent a newspaper clipping headed “Arthur started something with his family research.” The article had been published in the Evening Echo, of Bournemouth, England, on Oct. 23, 1981, and even Included a photo of Tidalholm, on the Old Point of Beaufort.
 The Evening Echo article dealt mainly with the genealogical researches of Arthur Fripp, a retired auctioneer, In Rowland Hills, Wimborne: “The great Fripp taunt began two years ago when Mr. Fripp’s daughter Patricia, whose public speaking tours of America earn her 1,000 dollars a lecture, asked her father about their ancestors.”
 Being In America at the time, Patricia Fripp telephoned eight Fripps listed in a South Carolina telephone directory. A correspondence began which “revealed that one John Fripp, of Bristol, had emigrated to Carolina with his son in the late 17th century, bought a plantation on Edisto Island in 1696 and that the family had gone on to control nine plantations with 300 slaves.”
 The article continued to relate how Charles II had granted Fripp’s Island “to Captain Fripp the pirate as a reward for his help in the successful defence of Beaufort, South Carolina, against the marauding French and Spanish during the battles for the colonies.”
 A deeding of Fripp Island to Captain Fripp by Charles II of England has never been substantiated by any historical source. However, it is known that “John Ffripp” on May 12, 1698, “his Marke for Cattle & Hoggs which. is a Cropp & a ye right Ear and a Cropp and a Slitt in ye Left” for his livestock on Edisto Island. The first mention of Fripp Island was in Governor Blake’s records which read “ffebry 6, 1695/96. This Day came Richard Benett of ffripps island & recorded his mark for Cattle & Hoggs as followeth halfe of ye Eares off & Two peaces cut out.”
 It should be noted that the name of “Johannes Fripp” the privateer is essentially the same as “John Ffripp” the Edisto planter and the first of the American Fripps. There is a similar story about Captain Mongin, an early settler of Daufuskie Island, which is just as difficult to document, concerning a royal grant to a British sea captain.
 John Fripp, whose first mention was on Edisto Island, purchased his first tract of land on St. Helena Island in 1707. In 1724, he purchased an additional 480 acres. By 1860, his sons and descendants owned about twenty plantations, encompassing 12,000 acres of land on St. Helena and neighbouring islands. William Fripp, Sr. owned 3,472 acres; Captain John Fripp had 2,210 acres, in addition to a large tract of Hunting Island, used as a game preserve and for hunting.
 The Fripp family was partly Episcopalian and partly Baptist. According to Davidson, in his book The Last Foray, “it was said that whenever Captain John Fripp made a donation to (the Episcopal ‘White Chapel’), his brother, ‘Good Billy’ Fripp made a larger one to the Baptists whose brick meeting house was more commodious and more substantial if somewhat less aesthetically successful.”
 Some of the Fripp plantations on St Helena Island mentioned in U.S. Treasury Department records during the War Between the States included Oliver Fripp’s plantation, Thomas B. Fripp’s plantation (“Tom B”), Hamilton Fripp’s plantation and John Fripp’s ‘Big House’ plantation.
 All of the plantations named above were confiscated by the U.S. government for “non-payment of taxes” during the War Between the States.
 Which still leaves unanswered the question of where the privateer Captain Johannes Fripp fits into the Fripp Family chronicle.

Southern Meatloaf & Fresh Corn

Southern Meatloaf & Fresh Corn

I am writing about my “Southern Meatloaf” which is gluten-free but taste great. If you don’t want to make gluten-free, all you need to do is use regular items where I use gluten-free items. My grandchildren love the recipe and don’t even know that it is g-free. I think that they like it so much because it’s sweet! The ingreclients are as follows:

2 lbs. of ground meat (1lb chuck and 1 lb sirloin)

1 cup Red Mill g-free rolled oats

¼ teaspoon of thyme

2 teaspoons of freeze dried chives

2 teaspoons of fresh cracked black pepper

2 eggs (beaten)

½ cup of regular milk (almond milk can be used if you cannot have regular milk)

¼ cup of light brown sugar

½ cup Amy’s gluten-free ketchup

¼ cup of Boars Head g-free honey mustard

Mix all of above in large bowl and place in large 9×12 heat proof glass container. Top with ½ of the following mixture keep the other half for later.

1/3 cup of light brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of g-free Board Head honey mustard, and

3 tablespoon of g-free Amy’s ketchup ( Mix together)

Stir together and spread ½ on meatloaf top, cover meatloaf with parchment paper, and then aluminum foil. The parchment keeps the tomato product off the foil. Preheat oven to 375 F and cook for approximately 1 hour remove paper and foil then add remainder of topping place back in oven for 15 to 20 minutes until topping lightly brown. Hope you like this meat loaf, I’ve included a picture. You can add sautee veggies that have been grated, such as carrots, parnips, zucchini, or yellow squash to have more fiber. I would not add more than ½ cup total of all. If you have any questions, like my blog and I will be glad to answer any questions.

Fresh Sweet Corn

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Fripp SC 795 Marlin

Fripp & Harbor Island Properties John Lee

Whatever your #realestate needs on #FrippIsland, John Lee is the real estate agent to call when you want to buy or sell property on Fripp Island.

Photo: Whatever your #realestate needs on #FrippIsland, John Lee is the real estate agent to call when you want to buy or sell property on Fripp Island.

History of Fripp Island

Fripp Island SC

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

In the days of yore, this majestic 3,000-acre island was a popular oasis for world explorers and a quiet retreat for treasure hunting pirates who sailed the seas preying on ships of all nations. Because of its reputation for being a pirate hideaway, stories about Blackbeard, pictured above, and his buried treasure on the island still persist.

History did not record a name for Fripp Island until the 17th Century when the island was deeded to Captain Johannes Fripp, a swashbuckling privateer, who like other letter-of-marquee men and pirates of that time, sailed the Seven Seas in search of gold and treasures. Captain Fripp was a big powerful man whose reputation as a skillful sea warrior marked him as a fearful foe. For reasons unknown, Captain Fripp never gained the notoriety of Blackbeard and other scurrilous pirates of the time being a privateer of sorts made it possible for Captain Fripp to take sides with any nations paying the highest price for his services. England needed all the help she could get at the time, so King Charles of England made Captain Fripp an offer he couldn’t refuse.

It proved to be a good arrangement for both England and Captain Fripp. Fripp was given the responsibility of defending the British encampment located in nearby Beaufort against marauding Spanish and French, a task accomplished successfully. With the French and Spanish unable to penetrate the English stronghold in Beaufort, the English had time to further reinforce the coastal defenses of Beaufort. On behalf of England, King Charles officially deeded this island to Captain Johannes Fripp.

The island became known as Fripp’s Island. Captain Fripp settled there, married a woman by the name of Martha Scott and had a family. The Fripps became one of the wealthy southern families prior to the Civil War. Unfortunately, most of the records of the Fripp family were destroyed when the courthouse burned during the Civil War. Several descendants and namesakes of Captain Fripp still live in the Beaufort area.
Development of Fripp began in 1961. Before then, the island served as a favorite hunting and fishing spot. In 1963, the half-mile access bridge was built to connect Fripp and Hunting Islands. By 1971, Ocean Point Golf Links had opened and the first homes had appeared. The Fripp Company, Inc., purchased the island’s undeveloped land and amenities in 1991. During the next decade, more than 20 million dollars in capital improvements were completed. In January of 2001, the Fripp Island Company, LLC purchased the amenities and some undeveloped land.

On January 31, 2003, the Fripp Group, Inc., purchased Springtide Village at Fripp, LLC. The purchase included over 7 acres of property along with the Fripp Island Real Estate Co., the visitors’ welcome center building at the entrance to Fripp Island, SpringTide Market, Mangos retail space and Channel 7 cable television (L.O.C.). In addition, the acquisition included the corporate office buildings and miscellaneous support facilities for the Fripp Island Company, LLC, owners of Fripp Island Resort.

The principals of the Fripp Group, Inc., are committed to the positive development and improvement of Fripp Island properties and amenities on behalf of all residents and property owners on the wonderful island we call home. Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island South Carolina

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

Fripp Island Real Estate residences available for sale invites you, where each real estate agent focuses on Fripp Island and also Harbor Island homes, vacation homes and lot’s available for sale, several with coastline front, sea front and waterside views as well as are just mins far from top quality coastlines, angling, golfing on the difficult Fripp Island fairway, dinning and also boating. We are the only property company on Fripp Island and manage more than 80 percent of the realty transactions on the island. Our knowledge, area expertise and also commitment gives a crucial asset in locating that best dream home, investment residential property, rental property or home site. No person knows the island like the Fripp Island Real Estate team!
Fripp Island has a year-round population of concerning 750 individuals. Though lots of select Fripp Island as a place to retire, others select Fripp as an area to raise their families. 2nd house owners add much more variety as well as vigor to this island area. En masse, Fripp Islander’s are recognized to rejuvenate the aged custom of southerly friendliness. Individual homeowner have about 2,200 Fripp Island residential properties. Approximately 1,200 of these homes are single-family houses, while 320 are vacation homes as well as the remainder being house sites where 2nd residents look forward to at some point building their dream vacation home.
Whatever your taste, whether swimming, tennis or a challenging round of golf, you will certainly locate it on Fripp Island. In addition to purchasing and also eating, the island teems with activities for the whole household, such as cycling, kayaking, and fishing among others. Don’t worry if you like a slower speed, Fripp Island offers 3 1/2 miles of unspoiled seaside for a leisurely stroll or relax and also delight in the cozy sunlight. If you require a bike or a golf cart, they can be effortlessly rented.
Searching Island State Park, one of one of the most preferred beaches in South Carolina as well as the only lighthouse open to everyone, is just minutes away. The Fripp Island Beach is an excellent area for walking and catching some sunlight. Harbor Island likewise has a coastline and is nearby. The Beaufort as well as Fripp area is bordered by tidal creeks, streams and also marshes. Angling and also boating are very popular below along with simply laying about and also checking out the beaches.
Fripp has likewise been showcased in many Hollywood movies, consisting of “Forrest Gump”, “The Prince of Tides”, as well as Disney’s live-action “The Jungle Book”. The Beaufort location has actually been home to lots of blockbuster flicks.

Whether on a trip or trying to find your piece of a heaven resort, we hope you discover everything required on our Fripp Island internet site. We try to provide you with information on Fripp Island and also the Beaufort location.

And also when you prepare to seek your dream home on Fripp or Harbor, bear in mind. no one understands Fripp Island and also Harbor Island property, houses, house sites and rental properties available like your Fripp Island Real Estate real estate agent.

Fishing Inshore Around Fripp Island SC

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee


Fripp Island anglers obtaining a lot of inshore activity
Increase of shrimp has helped turn on reds, trout, black drum
Fishermen’s in the Fripp Island area are catching huge numbers of a range of varieties on a large array of lures. Capt. George Tilton   said on some days, he captures trout, redfish as well as black drum all from the very same angling gaps. Which’s not all that’s biting.
Percy claimed the very best angling has been on the outgoing tide, which even more shrimp are readily available for the fish to eat. This contributes to exactly what Tilton claimed was currently an excellent collection of baits as well as lures that are generating fish, consisting of real-time mud minnows, reduced mullet, Gulp! soft plastics, and also Vudu Shrimp. These are all capturing black drum, go to pieces, redfish, and also speckled trout. Percy stated he has had success with some top water entices too, especially on trout with Zara Spooks.

And while Tilton did say that while dropping water has actually been much more efficient, not to ignore the other tide cycle. On some days, he has actually had excellent catches on the incoming tide too.

“I began fishing just as the trend was being available in and solved on the fish instantly,” he stated after a trip when his social event caught 16 redfish quickly, in addition to some trout and also stumble. Real-time mud minnows under a popping cork worked.

Tilton has been having success around inlets and also creek mouths, especially around existing breaks, but said he has also had some success at the near shore reefs and also wreckages like the Fish America Reef and also the General Gordon.

The inlets as well as creeks are mainly giving up redfish, trout, black drum and flounder. The wreckages as well as reefs are quitting the same, along with black sea bass and bluefish. Tilton said while several of the sea bass are small, he is catching his share of keepers, and they are biting virtually any lures. Weakfish are also still attacking in these near shore locations, and also the majority of them are keepers.

Fripp Island, a 3,000-acre barrier island on South Carolina


Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

Fripp Island, a 3,000-acre obstacle island on South Carolina’s Atlantic Coast, is a pristine as well as uncrowned wild animal’s shelter. With only one resort along with exclusive house and also rental property rentals, the island has reasonably limited traveler advancement, which adds to its allure as a silent as well as beautiful retreat. Visitors could check out 3 miles of white sand coastlines as well as note the plentiful wild animals that flourishes among Fripp Island’s woodlands, salt marshes and dune, or think about a few of the much more active quests available. Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island Golf and also Beach Resort (, the only hotel on the island, supplies comprehensive leisure centers for its visitors as well as for site visitors that are staying at personal rentals had by a Fripp Island Club member. These centers include a swimming pool complex with an Olympic-size swimming pool; a grownup swimming pool with a bar and live songs; a lagoon-style pool flanked by caverns, waterfalls as well as mist sprays; and a children’s swimming pool with a big frog slide. The hotel flaunts 3.5 miles of beachfront, where beach solutions in the higher period include cabana, umbrella, and beach chair and also boogie board rentals. Visitors can play tennis or take a session at the 10-court Racquet Club. Led canoe as well as kayak travels are offered with the resort’s Activity Center, as are everyday, two-hour dolphin trips and also night sundown trips, both conducted on a 40-foot pontoon watercraft.


Island Excursions, an electrical outlet of the resort found at the harbor, supplies rentals of mopeds, bicycles and also four- and also six-seat golf carts. It is the simply such rental facility on the island. Whether you explore by golf cart, moped or bike, remember that tired Fripp Island has a speed limit of 25 mph. At Marina Services, another rental center at the port on Old House Creek, you could rent a selection of water craft, including 17- as well as 21-foot Carolina skiffs and also solitary and tandem kayaks day by day, half-day or hr. You will be given with a map and radio to help you browse the island’s scenic bayous. Charter fishing trips are likewise offered. Fish offshore for barracuda, marlin as well as Wahoo, or in-shore for trout, tarpon and flounder.


The quality of both championship golf links at the Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort has made it a put on Links Magazine’s list of “100 Best Golf Resorts in North America.” Ocean Creek Golf Course was made by acclaimed program designer Davis Love III and is his initial signature program. The format encompasses sights of freshwater lakes, the Great Salt Marsh and also rolling sand dunes. Wildlife is plentiful on the training course, as well as golfers could spot deer, ospreys, egrets and herons. The training course’s 2 trademark openings– the 6th and also 7th– ignore a spotless deep sea habitat, as well as a network of wooden walkways as well as bridges connect all 18 holes as they wind around interior marshes. The older course, Ocean Point, is a typical web links created by George Cobb. Ten of its 18 scenic openings offer ocean or inlet views and both the front and also back nine finishes on the Atlantic. Both training courses include a special collection of tees on two brief courses called the Wee Links for children who are learning the video game. Golf driving lessons for families, juniors as well as individuals are offered. Fripp Island Real Estate


The entire of Fripp Island is an Audubon-designated bird maintain, home to more than 175 bird types. The Fripp Island Audubon Club ( provides a Dixie Winter Audubon Nature Trail and Habitat Guide on its web site. Stroll along the trail, which is named for the Club’s ceo, to discover the varied ecosystems of the obstacle island as well as their abundant bird life. The loop trail takes you through woods and also tidal salt marshes and also functions informational indicators and also pens along the way, and also benches. You can expect to see mockingbirds, fantastic horned owls and also the Carolina chickadee amongst woods and scrub species, as well as herons, timber storks and osprey in the salt marshes. Other wild animal’s species you could see along the trail include white-tailed deer, raccoons, stream otters and also blue crabs. Fripp Island Real Estate

Homes on Fripp Island South Carolina

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

Fripp Island Real Estate

Welcome to my web site, where you will find a wide variety of helpful details as well as resources developed to assist you acquire or market a residence better on Fripp, Harbor, Dataw or Cat Islands.

My site provides you accessibility to every home noted in the Beaufort MLS. This consists of ALL homes for sale in in Beaufort as well as the surrounding areas:  Fripp Island, Harbor Island, Dataw Island, Cat Island as well as nearby counties.

You may look for your optimal house by seeing existing lists with comprehensive descriptions as well as photos, or you should obtain aid identifying the worth of your residence by requesting a Home Values report that includes the prices of similar residences that recently marketed or are presently for sale in the area. You may additionally register for complimentary Property Alerts and have brand-new listings that fulfill your criteria sent out to your e-mail. Fripp Island Real Estate

Whether you’re searching for your very first residence, your dream home or an investment property, I’m dedicated to offering you with the best customer solution. When making the sort of investment that buying a home requires, you are worthy of to have all the most up to date market details and also the greatest advice, both of which I can offer you.

The decision to sell a house is frequently dependent on numerous factors, consisting of the selling price of various other homes in your location. Whatever your reasons for marketing, my proven effective advertising strategies will certainly make certain that you get the greatest feasible cost for your residence. Fill in the Home Values from and also I assure to provide you with expert, reliable as well as private solution as well as keep you fully notified every action of the means.

So whether you’re getting or marketing, do not hesitate to call me and also I will certainly enjoy to help you with all your property demands. Fripp Island Real Estate

John Lee Real Estate Agent Fripp Island SC

Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island real estate

John Lee

John Lee, marketing Fripp Island Real Estate is not merely offering Fripp Island South Carolina Real Estate. It’s about helping households and establishing relationships. That’s why this Fripp Island Real Estate Agent works hard to ensure that your household’s requirements are satisfied throughout every step of purchasing or offering your house – so you will certainly be pleased for several years to come. John’s expertise of the regional area is an important property for any person relocating to the area or trying to find Fripp water front property, Fripp oceanfront residences, Fripp seaside condominiums or great deals.

He additionally has 17 years of encounter marketing oceanfront areas & marsh sight homes & golf view residences that are within mins of one of the most pristine beaches in South Carolina. Picture owning a primary or second house on a Resort island which showcases 2 renown 18-hole golf links, a USTA clay tennis court club, a large Marina, and also a lot of significantly: ONE THAT IS CLOSE TO AN UNCROWDED BEACH!

Backed by the sources and status of Fripp Island SC Real Estate, John a Fripp Island Real Estate Agent has actually bought technology, the finest marketing programs, as well as a strong partnership with escrow, title, as well as monetary organizations to simplify the procedure of purchasing and selling Fripp Island South Carolina Real Estate.


Excellent antique southern family worth’s, deer, loggerhead turtles, sea birds galore, beautiful Spanish moss-draped real-time oaks, miles of beaches as well as South Carolina Ocean Front Homes. It’s all hanging around below for you. Come see for yourself as well as call John for your personal excursion for Fripp Island SC Real Estate.

Over the past 18 years John has actually likewise achieved the classifications below which are beneficial to aiding you discover that oceanfront– or golf– or marsh sight residence you’ll take pleasure in and wish for.