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What’s your Friday Night Life like?

Fripp Life is great on a Friday Night!

After a long week in the office, it’s great to go for a walk on the beach and watch the sunset and look for dolphins… or go to the heated pool (that I don’t have to maintain)  for a quick swim.  A round of tennis or golf after a long day at work can also relieve stress.  Being on island time is so much fun!

Need dinner but don’t want to cook?  No problem, Bonito Boathouse is fantastic with great views or a pizza from The Food Court will please the kiddies.  It’s a great life!

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What to Know About Buying a Second Home

Interior of a Luxury Home

2018 is looking to be a ripe year for home buyers, especially those looking to purchase a second home. However, you don’t want to leap right into it and sign on the dotted line without understanding the market you’re buying in first and finding the home of your dreams! Read on to learn more about buying a second home so that you’ll be properly prepared to take that leap.

Think about the different types of homes

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying your weekend getaway, investment property, or future retirement home.  From condos to townhomes and on to single family homes, the options are endless.  Condos and townhomes offer a lock and leave option while single family homes ranging from two bedrooms and upwards offer a little bit more permanence and privacy. If you’re looking for a place for your whole family to enjoy and multi-generational use, a multi-story home or expansive beachside mansion might be ideal for you. Then you need to ask yourself if you want to wake up to the water every day or are looking for a place that’s more inland.

What goes into the cost of a second home?

You may be thinking the cost of your second home is simply the sale price. However, there are some additional expenses that you should factor into the equation when planning your finances for your second home.

Securing a mortgage

Before approving your mortgage for a second home, lenders consider your debt-to-income ratio, which is how much money you’re paying on debts, like credit cards, student loans, or current mortgage payments, compared to how much money you bring in with your job. The bank is just analyzing how capable you will be at repaying this additional loan in a timely matter.

Insuring your second home

Calculating Expenses for Buying a HomeIt’s common that insurance companies view your second home as a risk due to the fact that you will not be residing there full-time. These risks will make your insurance for this second property a little higher than the insurance you’re paying on your primary residence, and there will be additional coverage expenses if you plan on renting your second home out when you’re not there.

Plan for maintenance costs

Since you won’t be living in this house every day, you won’t be able to keep up with small maintenance tasks that you normally do at your primary residence. You should plan to factor annual maintenance into your budget in order to hire someone to take care of the small or large problems that arise when you’re not on site.

Make sure you’re in love with the area, but don’t jump the gun

If you’re going to purchase a second home, you should love the neighborhood you’re a part of just like you do with your primary residence! Even if the location you’re looking at has been your vacation spot for years, take a good look around the area as a non-tourist. Take a stroll around the block and get a feel for your potential neighbors, or visit the different places you would normally go in your daily routine. You should even try to visit the area during the off-season.

We say “don’t jump the gun” because you shouldn’t go on a vacation and come home with another home’s keys in your hand! Purchasing a second home takes time and you want to do some thorough research about the market, location, and your own budget before making the big purchase.

You should hire a real estate agent that knows the area

Senior Couple Meeting With RealtorYou’ll want someone helping you through this process that’s local and understands the housing and second home market. A local real estate agent will be able to give you information about the neighborhoods and find a home that matches your wants and needs, like if you’d like to be close to the golf course or want a beautiful view of the water. An agent will prove beneficial, especially if you’re trying to search for your vacation or retirement home while miles away in your primary home.

If you’re looking for a second home in a beautiful location, consider Fripp Island. The island life will provide you with that small town feel and paradise-like scenery, offering both a quiet getaway and a smorgasbord of fun activities. Fripp and Harbor Island Properties has plenty of properties to show you that will fit your needs and your budget, and also comes equipped with the best real estate agent in the business, John Lee. Lee will share this beautiful location and, more importantly, his expertise with you to find another place in this world that you can call ‘home.’

Check out John Lee’s featured listings on Fripp Island give him a call at 843-575-2820 today to find the island life you’ve been searching for!

Common Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

Every homeowner could agree that buying your first home is an exciting moment in your life, but it could also be the most stressful. With lack of information and motivation, first-time home buyers often make some big mistakes.

Here are some of the most common slip-ups you should avoid when getting ready to buy for the first time!

Tips for Buying a Home for the First TimeForgetting to weigh all their home-buying options

Many first-time home buyers think that buying a home is a concrete rite of passage that is inevitable in their lives. However, they neglect to see that buying a home isn’t the only option, and is definitely not the cheapest. Evaluate your situation and housing plan. If you are thinking of settling down for the long haul, then buying a house is a wise investment. Take advantage of the homeowner benefits, including home equity, property taxes, and actually owning a home and knowing your consistent costs for the future.

On the other hand, if you are almost certain that your next home will only be for a couple years, then renting might be the best option. Renting is not only cost-effective, but it supports the likelihood that you’ll be moving again within your five-year-plan. This is especially true for the younger generation that currently stays at their jobs for only a couple of years before moving onto the next step, and who knows where that next step will take them?

Passing on the home inspection

Tips for Buying a House in South CarolinaThis is a huge mistake made home buyers looking to cut down on house hunting expenses. Though saving money is important, a home inspection might actually prove more so. If you skip the home inspection, you are at risk of buying a house that needs more money than you bargained for. Then you’re left spending more than the amount you would have paid for an inspector!

This professional walk-through is vital to your home-buying process for several reasons. An expert will be able to see potential problems unlike anyone else because they have a trained eye that knows exactly what to look for. Also, this gives you an opportunity to learn about your potential house and the best ways to maintain it. Inspectors can answer any questions that you may have about cracks, smells or other areas you might be worried about.

Not learning about the property

First-time home buyers often neglect to learn more about their potential property and its location, which is a big mistake. The house and the community it resides in may become your new home, so be sure to conduct the proper research.

This means visiting the property more than once. You can go to a showing in the afternoon on a weekday, but it won’t be a valid example of the environment as a whole. If you visit the property at different times throughout a week, you can see if the traffic gets congested near your house during rush hour as well as experience your potential neighbors when they get home from work.

While you’re at it, take note of the community around you. Consider your lifestyle and how this new place could affect it. Are there schools nearby? This could be an advantage if you have children, but could be a problem if you don’t want to be kept up late by those Friday night football games.

Relying too much on the Internet

As of recently, home buyers are turning to online sources to learn about their home values and loan information. The Internet is a great resource for home buyers to perform their own research, but that’s all it should be used for – research. You can’t put too much faith on what you find online because it’s not always reliable. That’s why interviewing and working with a lender in-person, will provide the clarity you need about your mortgage. They will be able to explain misunderstandings with fees, ownership costs, and other terms you may have questions about.First-Time Home Buying Tips

It is also apparent that home-buyers are getting their hopes up due to online home values. Some sites can give buyers an inaccurate home value which isn’t fair to the client. Think about taking a drive with an agent around the neighborhoods you’re looking into so they can give you a better explanation for a home’s value.

Failing to plan their finances

Many first-time home buyers are very conscious about how much money they’re willing to spend, however there are a couple of ways to get tripped up in the process.

Some home buyers purchase properties beyond their budget even when they have a budget! This could be because they didn’t realize all of the costs that came with buying a home, including property taxes, closing costs, and association dues. It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand the costs and ensure they can pay them before closing the deal.

Another mistake frequently made by home buyers is not getting pre-approved for a mortgage. This solution could save you from spending beyond your means and keep you looking at houses in your price range. U.S. News & World Report says a pre-approved mortgage will prove beneficial when you find the home of your dreams and need to place an offer immediately.

A solution that may prove beneficial in avoiding these mistakes could be working with a trusted real estate agent. With more than 20 years of experience, John Lee is the expert you want on the job! Check out his featured listings or call him at 843-575-2820 today to find your new home here in South Carolina.

Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2018

Here on Fripp Island, we can hardly believe that 2017 is winding down already. Looking back at the year, we’ve seen some really interesting trends in luxury interior design; but looking ahead to next year, we’re really excited about how some of our favorite upcoming trends may play out. Everything in home design trend is cyclical, and after the past few years of modern design with clean lines and impersonal settings, we have a feeling we know what’s ahead for 2018. Here’s a look at some of our predictions for luxury interior design trends for next year that you may already see cropping up in open houses.Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2018


Past luxe design trends have tended towards the super modern, with very clean lines, expensive furniture that was functional and non-impactful on the space, and colors like gray, black and white. This modern design was definitely partially a reaction to the cluttered, colorful spaces that we lived in in the 70s and 80s. Next year, Lushome predicts that we’ll see a return to cozy, moving away from clean, impersonality, with a totally different approach to design and décor.

Expect to see heightened awareness of comfort in 2018, with reading nooks in master bedrooms for a dedicated spot to unwind and recharge, living spaces that focus on human interaction rather than the television set—perhaps a fireplace will be located in its place—and kitchens that are more about comfort than stainless steel functionality.

Warm Colors

Remember the gray and black tones we mentioned from modern trends of the past? Expect to them to vanish, replaced with warmer, still neutral tones. We expect to see trends in 2018 that focus on green and brown, as well as white, red, orange and yellow. Gates Interior Design says to picture the earthy tones of the 70s and mid-century modernism. We’ll see a lot of warmth in color tones, as well as materials used. Huffington Post predicts heightened use of ruby red in design and décor.


There won’t be too much laminate in the homes of the future—instead, it’ll be a return to what was, with dark wood flooring and cabinets, cork, soft textiles, and lots of interesting lighting. Recessed lighting was all about lighting the room without noticing the light fixture, but now there will be a heavy design trend towards highlighting unique and striking light fixtures as a part of the room’s décor. Natural stone may be used as inspiration for flooring and walls, and you might see marble, granite and pebbles creating entryways and flooring.

Expect to see touches of recycled elements throughout luxury homes in 2018, with a trend towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. You’ll see unique furniture, decorations, and materials used.

2018 may also see more intricate and customized carpentry, which will be used to create both furniture and furnishings in the modern home.


The Huffington Post says to expect imperfection in your 2018 luxury home—but they aren’t talking about the building itself. Rather, the imperfection trend harkens back to the idea of coziness. Luxury homes next year won’t be the large, white unwelcoming mansions that they have been in the past with waxed flooring and gigantic staircases. Instead, they’ll be livable and welcoming, with imperfect décor and comfortable design. 2018 homes will welcome you in, and make you feel like snuggling up on the couch with a cup of coffee.

Bright LightsLuxury Interior Design Trends for 2018

Expect to see lighting incorporated into design in a very impressive way—gone are the days of recessed lighting; now, the lighting fixture will be a centerpiece for each room’s design. You can expect to see lots of chandeliers and interesting lighting fixtures, along with a lot of bright bulbs. 2018 will be all about a bright, welcoming, cozy home. Even if your new luxury home doesn’t feature chandeliers, you can expect that it will be extremely well-lit, and have big beautiful windows to let the sunshine in!

Luxury Homes on Fripp Island

Fripp Island is a very special place to visit, and if you’re familiar with the area then you know that there are lots of real estate options when it comes to luxury living. Whether you’re looking for a luxury beach cottage overlooking the waves, an impressive estate on the bay where your family can enjoy the island for generations to come, or an island abode perfectly suited to your summertime outdoor sports, Fripp & Harbor Island Properties is here to help.

John Lee, an experienced agent, has years of experience in the area, and has sold luxury properties to dozens of satisfied customers. Fripp Island and the surrounding areas is perfect for luxury investment properties, seasonal getaway homes, or your main residence.

If you’re interested in learning more about the luxury real estate market on Fripp Island, contact Fripp & Harbor Island Properties today by calling 843-575-2820 or emailing John Lee at Happy (almost) New Year!

Why South Carolina is the Place to Hang it Up

south carolina barrier islandsThe best places to retire can’t just be great places to live throughout your golden years, they also have to offer great value. As a retiree, you’re likely on somewhat of a fixed income– one that has to last you a lifetime. There are always less-expensive alternatives to the best-known retirement destinations, and many of these destinations are in South Carolina.

Boasting one of the lowest statewide tax requirements in the Union, low property taxes and no state estate tax, South Carolina is a perfect alternative to all the typical places you see people flocking to once they hit 65. A much more low-key lifestyle with less congestion than in Florida, SC not only has much more enjoyable summers, but very mild winters as well.

And when you are cashing in your chips for the beauty of the South, you are likely going to want to be as close to the ocean front as possible. The Atlantic Ocean waterfront in South Carolina is among the most affordable along the eastern seaboard. So if you are looking to stretch your retirement dollar further without having sacrifice quality of life, you should consider real estate along the eastern edge of the Palmetto State.

In addition to affordability, there are plenty of other welcoming facets to South Carolina. The pace of life down here is simply much more conducive to retirees. Everything from golfing to tennis to enjoying social circles and soaking up the sun are just the way of everyday life. And the cost of living is much more affordable, with a lower price tag on everything from groceries to utilities to taxes and real estate.

A Great Place to Vacation AND Invest

south carolina beachWith so much to do packed onto the South Carolina barrier islands, vacationers and residents alike will be hard pressed to run out of things to, do day or night. This makes places like Fripp Island a top destination.

Thanks in great part to the laundry list of activity the area offers, and the tourism that follows, traveler will never stop flocking to the subtropical climate off the South Carolina lowlands. The southernmost South Carolina Sea Islands has a versatile list of options to partake in no matter what time of year. Averaging no colder than sixty degrees during the ‘cold’ months, any time of year is beautiful outdoors.

Offering vacationers’ access to the choice of two golf courses, 10 tennis courts and a total of six pools, this tiny, 3,000 acre Barrier Island is quite accommodating. And for those who like to slow the pace down and take it all in, there is some great bird and nature watching on the 3 ½ mile stretch of wildlife beach sanctuary. Companies also offer various salt and fresh water fishing charters.

And with about hundreds of rental units, Fripp Island is not only a vacationer’s playground, but also can be an investor’s potential golden egg. Not only is South Carolina real estate among the least volatile in the nation, the area around Fripp Island has witnessed the largest increases in the entire state throughout the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2014, with nearly 14% average returns.

Benefits of Owning a Vacation Home

beachfrontBuying a second property located in a different area is more than just a getaway for you and your family during vacation time or inclement weather; it’s a serious future investment. This investment actually carries a lot more benefits than you would think as well, instead of the normative vacation spot everyone always thinks of immediately.



More often than not, the home that you live in year round will fluctuate assets in a short term and throughout the years, however, vacation properties are actually more likely to retain their value and appreciate because most times they’re located in popular areas. Along with this increased value over time, if you happen to rent out your property but keep it to no more than two weeks per year, the interest on your mortgage and property taxes are considered fully deductible from your gross income.

However, if you so choose to rent out your vacation spot all year round, you’ll lose out on the tax deductibles, but you’ll gain a ton of rental income from the people that are using your property for vacation. Sure, the thought of random people living in the house you bought for vacations isn’t ideal, but as long as they take care of it and nothing goes horribly wrong, you’re making good amounts of extra income just by owing a second home.

Over time, as you continue to head back to the same location for vacation getaways, you’ll start to gain familiarity with your place and with the area surrounding it. This will enable you to become comfortable with those living in the area, and give you the freedom to be yourself. This is especially great for those getting a head start to retirement because although we might love where we live currently, the option to pack up and move once you’re done working for good is always there with a second property.

Vacation Homes Are Worth It: Now & For Years To Come

South Carolina BeachPerhaps you’ve been considering buying a beach home for years, or it’s a new idea that just popped into your mind. Either way, you’re on the right track. The professionals at Fripp Island Real Estate have helped hundreds of buyers find the perfect piece of real estate and reap the significant benefits for years to come.

Purchasing a coastal home forever provides you and your family a place to vacation. The days of finding the best deal and booking hotels are over. A vacation home is available whenever you want to visit, with as many people as you want. You can keep belongings in your vacation home as well so there is very limited packing and lugging suitcases. You can also decorate your vacation home so when you arrive, it feels like home instead of arriving in a hotel room that is bland, boring and sometimes even uncomfortable.

Spending time away from home and work in your vacation property is also good for the mind and body. This home away from home provides you and your family and friends the opportunity to relax, reduce stress and enjoy sun and sand. Vitamins from the sun and humidity from the ocean air can help ease headaches, anxiety and even depression. It’s also reported that time spent on vacation can help professionals be more productive and lucrative when they return to work.

Another long-term benefit of purchasing a vacation home is that is can also be used as a rental property. During the times that you are not using the home, you can rent it to other vacationers. In fact, renting you property for only a few months a year can help pay for the entire mortgage. Well-kept, accessible vacation homes are always in demand for families that travel and don’t want to stay in a hotel.

If this article has caught your attention and got you thinking about a vacation home, Fripp Island Real Estate is a good place to start. Searching for and buying a second home can be overwhelming, but industry professionals can make the process quick and simple. Before you know it, you and your family will be reaping the benefits of a vacation home like always having somewhere to escape to, overall improved health as well as passive income from renting out the property throughout the year.

Fripp Island; A Cultured Island Steeped in History

Fripp IslandFripp Island, one of the most characteristic spots in South Carolina’s Sea Islands, is steeped in a rich history spanning the ages. Among the most remote and seaward of the Sea Islands, this tiny island community of only 3,000 acres off the coast of South Carolina is a year round destination for vacationers and locals alike.

Though Native Americans inhabited the Island for thousands of years prior, Fripp Island was first discovered by Europeans in the early 17th century. Fripp Island was named for the British Captain Johannes Fripp, charged with protecting Carolina from Spanish attacks throughout the mid-17th century. Pirates of the era are also suspected to have buried treasure off its shores, which is rumored undiscovered to this day. For about 200 years, the island mostly remained nothing more than a quiet private hunting range.

It wasn’t until World War II, Fripp Island real estate was seen as extremely valuable for defending American shores from Germany U-boats. The island hosted and housed mounted beach patrol from 1942 to the end of the war in 1945. For the hunters which frequented the island before the Coast Guard occupation, the remaining barracks following the war were welcome additions. They served as perfect hunting huts, serving as both shelter and camouflage.

It wasn’t until 1961 builders began developing Fripp Island real estate and in 1963 a bridge to the mainland was completed. This made the island much more accessible and ‘user-friendly.’ Today there are less than 1,500 privately owned homes and villas on the island. But there are more consistently under construction over the past decade and Fripp Island real estate is booming.

The rich history of Fripp Island has only contributed to the historic charm visitors enjoy. Enjoying everything from bird watching to beach going and sailing, Fripp Island is a vacationer’s dream. The mild winters, colorful falls and amazing summers beckon travelers from around the world to this historic and charming island any time of year.

94 Davis Love Fripp Island, SC

94 Davis Love
Fripp IslandSC 29920
4full baths
2,215square feet
133612listing id

Custom Patterson Charleston-style hm, panoramic sunset marsh views, + golf view, highly upgr t/o w/heartpine floors, upgr lting, 2 sets Fr doors, grt millwork, hi ceils t/o, cust window treats, Kohler baths, long Andersen windows, GrRm w/BIs & gas FP, lt wd T&G walls, cooks delight kit w/upgr appli, huge scr porch w/ceil fans, pvt courtyd, top designer touches.

Schedule Showing Virtual Tour

Year Built2002

Basic Features

Address: 94 Davis Love
Bank Owned Y/N?: no
Bedrooms: 5
City: Fripp Island
Construction: Hardi Plank
Cooling: Heat Pump
County: Beaufort
Dining: Great Room
Exterior Extras: Patio, Deck, Thermo-Panes, Porch, Screened Porch, Propane tank/Leased
Foreclosure Y/N?: no
Full Baths: 4
Heating: Heat Pump
IDX Property Type: Residential
Latitude: 32.317900000000
Listing ID: 133612
Listing Price: $619,000
Longitude: -80.491555000000
Minor Area: 7007-Marina Area
Property Type: RESIDENTIAL
Remarks: Custom Patterson Charleston-style hm, panoramic sunset marsh views, + golf view, highly upgr t/o w/heartpine floors, upgr lting, 2 sets Fr doors, grt millwork, hi ceils t/o, cust window treats, Kohler baths, long Andersen windows, GrRm w/BIs & gas FP, lt wd T&G walls, cooks delight kit w/upgr appli, huge scr porch w/ceil fans, pvt courtyd, top designer touches.
Rent/Lease: neither
Short Sale Y/N?: no
Square Feet: 2,215
State: South Carolina
Status: ACTIVE
Street Name: Davis Love
Street Number: 94
Total Baths: 4
Waterfront: Marsh/Water/View
Waterfront Community Y/N: yes
Year Built: 2002
Zipcode: 29920
Zoning: PUD

Advanced Features

Aicuz: no
Appliances/Equipment: Elec/Oven/Range, Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Disposal, Vent Fan, Ceiling Fan, Fireplace Screen, Cable TV/Available
Approx. Age: 1Day-10Years
Covenant: y
Cumulative DOM: 595
Directions: Tarpon to rt on Bonito, left on Ocean Creek, rt on Davis Love
Dock: Not Applicable
DOM: 595
Dryer Connection: Yes, Electric
Family Room: yes
Fireplace: Gas, Great Room
Fireplace Y/N: yes
Flood Zone (Y/N): yes
Floors: Some Carpet, Wood Floor, Ceramic
Formal Dining: no
Foundation: Elevated
Garage/CarportT: 2 Detached
Golf Community: yes
Home AS/RE Fees: Security Service
Home Warranty: n/a
Lt Dim if Less than 1Acre: 43x145x34x111
May be Sub 3rd Party Appr: no
Olrea/B: n
Other Rooms: Rec.Room/Bonus Room, Pantry, Foyer, Master Bedroom 1st Floor
Roofing: Composition A/S, Metal
Room Count: 8
Sale/Rent: For Sale
Shared Interest (Y/N): no
Status Category: ACTIVE
Style: Two Story
Washer Connection: Yes
Water & Sewer: Public Water, Public Sewer
Water Heater: Electric
Will Sell: Conventional, Cash

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