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Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

Fishing Stories on Fripp IslandFishing stories compose an almost equal number of passages and Chaplin’s Journal. In the summer, Chaplin fish for sheepshead and in the fall for bass while carefully recorded in his journal the number of his catch. Oysters and clams were easy to rake in the mud flats of the marsh, but Chaplin did not like getting in the mud and assigned that task to his slaves. Even though Chaplin was well acquainted with the waters around St. Helena, he like everyone else before or after him occasionally went aground. He wrote in his journal on September 30, 1845, intending going home early, this morning, but the boat got aground and we could not get her off before the flood tide. Did not get to the plantation until after sunset. Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

Chaplin’s accounts make clear that hunted only barrier islands and fishing in the water surrounded them were some of the most delightful aspects of his life as a St. Helena planner. His brief entry on December 26, 1849, captures the special role that the Hunting Island played for him. Went to Skull Inlet with E. Capers and Frank Gabriel and Dr. Kirk. Caught a good chance of fish. Kill one there, and spent a very pleasant time. St. Helena was Chaplin’s home. It was where he oversaw the planning of a wide variety of crops, raising numerous animals, supervise slaves, maintaining his buildings and boats and cared for his family. Although he had been born of privilege, he squandered much of his wealth in poor business decisions and over indulgence and was often in serious debt and despair. For him, the hunting now is offered a retreat, a place to relax and seek refuge from daily demands. Fishing Stories on Fripp Island

This Article was written By Page Miller


Fripp Island SC

Fripp Island SC

This Article was written By Page Miller

Fripp Island SC


McTeer devoted a whole chapter in his book to one particularly haunting experience that he had with a friend on Fripp. The two men were camping near the The Narrows and had spent exhausting day fishing in the surf for large red bass. After eating dinner and resting they had a walk along the deserted beach to see what may have washed ashore. As they walked along the high tide mark, they saw the footprints of a barefooted person. Both men were over 6 feet tall and had large feet, but they estimated the tracks they saw were over 18 inches long. They follow the fresh footprints for over a mile until the footprints circle a turtles nest without disturbing the eggs and then disappeared into the woods. Mac tear and his friend knew the few landing places on Fripp and quickly scouted them for signs of a boat. But they found no boat or tracks. The two men decided to break camp and sleep on their boat. McTeer wrote, we were not scared, just cautious. Some years later, McTeer learned that several other folks had encountered the “Bigfoot”. However, no one seemed to have a clue as to who or what could have made the large imprints in the sand.



Tips for First Time Buyers

Tips for First Time Buyers


Purchasing a home is an arduous task, but it’s only as difficult as it has to be. Apartment rentals have increased for various reasons, meaning it’s currently a buyer’s market. This makes negotiating the price of your first home much easier now than in the past, and possibly the future. If you’ve been saving, and you feel you’re ready to own your first home, then now is the time to buy.

There are a few tactics to employ though, in order to avoid biting off more than you can chew, speaking financially of course. You must know what you can afford, the full cost of buying a home, and you must keep your expectations realistic, and most of all, you must prepare.

Things to consider before house hunting…

·         House Size: Bedrooms, Baths, & Square Footage Needed

·         Realistic Monthly Payments

·         Average Fair-Market Value for a Fripp Island Home

·         The Price of Neighboring Homes

·         Taxes in the area

·         Places to shop & Things to do

·         Rural Vs. Suburban

·         School Systems

·         How much Mortgage you 2qualify for

·         Financial lending options

·         Maintenance & Repair

Extra ways to prepare

·         Save for an extra three months, to increase your down payment.

·         Host a moving sale.

·         Dispose of or donate anything you don’t need and that won’t sell.

·         Spend a few extra months preparing your credit, to lower interest.

·         Ask family and friends to help you move, instead of hiring movers.

Fripp Island South Carolina

Fripp Island South Carolina

Fripp Island FRIPP ISLAND– SOUTH CAROLINA’S UNSPOILED BEACH RESORT Once an ancient hunting ground of the Yemassee Indians, Fripp Island, South Carolina was acquired in Colonial times by a swashbuckling English Sea Captain named Johannes Fripp. Capt. Fripp was a hero in battles against the French and Spanish and was rewarded the island for his heroism. Today Fripp Island is still beautiful and is lush with tropical foliage, indigenous palmettos and pines. Miles of saltwater creeks, canals and the Atlantic Ocean surround this still uncrowded family resort. Located just minutes from Historic Beaufort, Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort is now being discovered by families, golfers, tennis players and anyone who loves the beach and nature. The fact that Fripp Island is one of the most affordable resorts makes it even more attractive. Plus, no other ocean resort is any closer to get to from West Cobb than Fripp Island. Its unspoiled beach is perfect for family outings, vollyball, or just relaxing. Some enjoy surf fishing, and others enjoy bo surfing. Early walks on the beach will see shell seekers or maybe ever the turtle patrol locating a new nest where the loggerhead has laid her egg. The beach is complemented with two award-winning championship golf courses, superb tennis facilities, marina and some of the best fishing on the East coast. Visitors enjoy observing the wildlife and are amazed at how tame the deer are as they meander throughout the island and often sneak a cracker out of a golf cart. This small island is almost a nature theme park as dolphins are often seen swimming in the creeks and if you’re a golfer, you might have to take a “drop” because your wayward ball has nestled up against an alligator sunning on the bank of a water hazard. Golf is one of the more popular amenities on Fripp and golfers who play its two award-winning, championship courses during summer vacation often come back in the Fall and Spring with their favorite foursome to take advantage of the off season rates. South Carolina homes for sale. The SC Golf Panel think so highly of the courses they recently voted both courses at Fripp Island in their top 50; the only resort or club to have both with this distinction. The most unheralded activity at Fripp just possibly could be Tennis. Tennis hopefuls from all over the Southeast come to Fripp Island to take lessons from tennis pro, Troy McMullen. His daily drills and stroke of the day provide guests with cost-effective tennis lessons, and many ALTA teams enjoy coming as a group. Camp Fripp, (ages 3-12) is really popular with kids and parents. The day camp provides a great way for the kids to explore the island and learn about nature, make crafts, build sandcastles and enjoy the pool or the beach. South Carolina homes for sale. Accommodations include oceanfront and oceanview homes and villas, as well scenic homes and villas on the marsh, golf course and tennis. Many homes have decks where guests can see magnificent sunsets, each one displaying colors so spectacular all one can do is take a deep breath and realize how truly special this place is. Families often decide to return again and again. For more information 1-866-966-2485 or Next Month’s WC VACATION PICKs are two of our favorite unspoiled beach’s, Georgia’s own St. Simon’s, a charming and quaint beach paradise, South Carolina homes for sale. Fripp Island Real Estate