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Fripp Island Audubon Club

Are you a nature lover? Have a bird feeder in your yard? You might enjoy the Fripp Island Audubon Club. This Fripp Island Club organizes field trips and workshops to educate and encourage people who love nature or who want to know more about th...

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shopping and tourism concept - woman with shopping bags

Your Fripp Island Shopping Guide

There’s no reason that you need to travel all the way to Beaufort to shop when there’s your very own shopper’s paradise in Fripp Island. From our pro shops to our local boutiques, we have everything you need to make your vacation here ...

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Fishing charter in fripp island

Fantastic Fripp Island Fishing

Looking for the best place to fish in South Carolina? We’ve got you covered—it’s Fripp Island! From the gorgeous views across the Atlantic, to the abundance of fish below the waves, you’ll be able to relax while you cast your line in...

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Winter Retreat

Fripp Island is a great place to spend the winter months. The winters are usually milder than northern states, yet still cool enough to wear your cold weather apparel. The average temperatures range from 40 degrees for a low to a mild mid 60's ...

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6 Tips to Spruce up Your Luxury Home Interior Design

One of the best parts about having a luxury home, besides getting to live in it every day, is keeping up with the latest in luxury home design trends. When your home is a work of art itself, it probably doesn’t need too much interior desig...

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5 Tips to Help You Sell Your Luxury Home

Selling a luxury home can feel like an uphill battle, especially in a buyer’s market. Getting buyers to pay top dollar for your luxury home, even if it’s the nicest in the area, can be tricky: the key to a quick and successful sale is to ge...

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Vacation Home

Purchasing or renting a vacation home takes thoughtful consideration. The first step is deciding on your vacation home’s location by factoring in your ideal vacation style, your accessibility to the home, and your interests! Let your vacatio...

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Keeping Your Second Home Secure While You’re Away

Owning a second home in a favorite vacation destination is what daydreams are made of. However, one thing that many homeowners overlook while planning for their second home is its safety and security. After all, if you’re frequently away from...

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The Ultimate Fripp Island Restaurant Guide

Just off the coast of South Carolina, Fripp Island offers something for everyone. The beaches, bike trails, and beautiful scenery are incomparable, but what makes this beautiful oasis stand out from any other is the delicious food offered by so...

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Fripp Life

What's your Friday Night Life like? Fripp Life is great on a Friday Night! After a long week in the office, it's great to go for a walk on the beach and watch the sunset and look for dolphins... or go to the heated pool (that I don't ha...

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