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Second Homes

Choosing the Right Location for Your Vacation Home

Purchasing or renting a vacation home takes thoughtful consideration. The first step is deciding on your vacation home’s location by factoring in your ideal vacation style, your accessibility to the home, and your interests!

Let your vacation style guide you to your new home away from home.

Finding a Vacation Home in South CarolinaChoosing the right location for your vacation home starts with your style of vacationing.

Does your ideal vacation include lounging on white, sandy beaches, letting the sounds of the rolling ocean waves lull you to sleep? Or, do you prefer the hustle and bustle of an on-the-go trip, where you jump from one activity to the next to see the sights and stay busy?

Whether you lean towards one extreme or fall somewhere in the middle, factor in your style of vacationing to help you select the best location for you.

If you like it quiet, consider a remote location that offers privacy and serenity. If you’d rather stay in tune with the local goings-on, choose a vacation home closer to the city or town.


The best vacation home is located just the right amount of distance away from your permanent residence to feel like a getaway while still proving convenient to travel to.

Pick your prime vacation home spot by considering your purpose for the vacation home and who will travel there. Is this home for you and your family only, or will you rent the property out when not in use? Check for multiple modes of convenient transportation in the area that increases the likelihood of guest bookings.

Opt for purchasing a vacation home in an area you love and have visited more than once. Spontaneously choosing a location you visited only briefly may lack the connection and adoration of an area needed to leave you wanting to return each year. Talk to locals, resort staff, area business owners, and more to find out what day-to-day life is like throughout the seasons.

Make sure the location caters to your interests

We often vacation each year in the same spot for a few reasons: one, we have an affinity for the familiar, and two, our location of choice has numerous activities, exciting events, or breathtaking views that bring us back. When searching for the right location for your vacation home, keep your interests in mind.

Choose a location you and your family enjoy that has something for everyone. Location is everything when choosing a vacation home because it serves as your opportunity to get away to some place you can relax, de-stress, and have fun!

Find beautiful vacation homes in South Carolina through Fripp Island Real Estate, your expert source for gorgeous island homes! Mandi Lee has years of experience as a real estate agent and more importantly, is a Fripp Island resident who will be able to show you all that a vacation home in Fripp Island has to offer. Call Lee today at 843-301-0819 to learn more about this relaxing and beautiful location!

Keeping Your Second Home Secure While You’re Away

Second Home Secure During Off Season in South CarolinaOwning a second home in a favorite vacation destination is what daydreams are made of. However, one thing that many homeowners overlook while planning for their second home is its safety and security. After all, if you’re frequently away from, how can you rest assured that all is safe and sound?

Luckily, there are many ways to protect your second or vacation home and perhaps apply the same logic to your primary home, during those times of the year you spend away!

Here are some tips to help you keep your second home or vacation home safe and secure while you’re away.

Security with satisfaction

Gated Community in South CarolinaConsider owning a second or vacation home in a community that offers a secure entrance. Guarded and gated communities offer peace of mind in that the location is private and people entering the community need permission by either a gate pass or a resident decal. Both Fripp Island and Harbor Island offer guarded entrances with 24 hour a day security.

In addition, both islands offer patrol vehicles that provide added security as well as safety. Security personnel provide speed limit observations, home checks, as well as any other suspicious issues that may occur.

Meet the neighbors

Make an extra effort to meet the neighbors who live full time residents near your home. Because many homes in a vacation destination are used as summer rentals or investment properties, a Neighborhood Watch program can be helpful.

The Fripp Good Neighbor Watch is a group of volunteers who aid security personnel who cannot be everywhere all at once. The Watch is organized under the direction and supervision of the Chief of Fripp Security who meets quarterly with Watch Members. The Chief offers guidance regarding what to look for and what to report and tailors the meeting subjects to those requested by watch participants.

Keep a list of rules for your renters

If you rent your home out while you’re away, make sure that your guests know the rules when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure. Print out clear security instructions, including a list of each door and window that needs to be locked and secured both while your guests are at the house, and once they leave.

Invest in an alarm system & security camera

Security Camera on a Second Home in South CarolinaThese days, technology can help us keep our homes safe and alert us to any unusual activity. You can install an alarm system in your home, which can help prevent theft. If any unexpected house guest happens to open a door or window, an alarm will sound, and the local police will be notified. Many alarm companies will call you if an alarm is triggered and ask you if you’d like to dispatch the police.

Security cameras with apps for your smartphone are a great way to ensure peace of mind while you’re away. If you ever want to check up on your house, all you need to do is log into the security camera’s app and click through. You’ll be able to see live footage of your home, and if anything is amiss, you can take action right away.

Make it look like someone is home even if they are not

Your neighbors at your second home can help you keep it safe and secure by alerting you to any suspicious activity and helping to give your home the appearance that someone lives there year-round. If you have mail or packages delivered to your second home, ask a neighbor to pick yours up when they go grab theirs from the mailbox, too. Excess mail and packages on the front porch for days on end can alert thieves in the area that no one is home making your house an easy target.

Another helpful hint is to place a stop on your mail until you’re back in town and can pick it up, or have it forwarded to your primary residence.

Exterior Deterrents

While your neighbors help you to pick up the mail and keep your second home looking lived-in, you can also hire a gardener to mow the lawn and trim the trees while you’re away. You should also install lights that will automatically switch on in the evenings, or motion-activated lights: nothing’s more attractive to a burglar than a completely dark home with no activity going on inside.

Fripp Island is a safe, friendly community, where the number one goal is to enjoy the beautiful island while keeping it a safe environment for every resident! If you’re interested in making Fripp Island your second home, Mandi Lee would be delighted to work with you in finding the perfect second residence fitted to your needs. Give her a call today at 843-301-0819 and find your ideal second home among our numerous listings!