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Second Homes

Fripp Island Audubon Club

Are you a nature lover? Have a bird feeder in your yard? You might enjoy the Fripp Island Audubon Club. This Fripp Island Club organizes field trips and workshops to educate and encourage people who love nature or who want to know more about th...

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Vacation Home

Purchasing or renting a vacation home takes thoughtful consideration. The first step is deciding on your vacation home’s location by factoring in your ideal vacation style, your accessibility to the home, and your interests! Let your vacatio...

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Keeping Your Second Home Secure While You’re Away

Owning a second home in a favorite vacation destination is what daydreams are made of. However, one thing that many homeowners overlook while planning for their second home is its safety and security. After all, if you’re frequently away from...

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