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Pledge the Pink Comes to Fripp Island 2019

Pledge the Pink!

Fripp Island is the place to be for the Pledge the Pink Walk.   Flamingos are everywhere and landed on Fripp Island to encourage and support walkers.  Homeowners are decorating homes to get in the spirit.

A fabulous weekend is planned for all of the walkers from October 24-27.  From Dolphin Cruises and Sign Making to Dinners and Pool Parties, it is a weekend filled with fun!




In 2011, Pledge the Pink (originally LoCo Motion), was a small, local, charity race—aimed at fighting cancer in South Carolina, and getting the lowcountry in shape.

Now, we’re an ambitious, not-so-small, breast cancer event—one that’s pushed 10,000 people off the couch, and given over a half-million dollars to breast cancer charities across the country.

Through our sister charity Pledge the Pink Foundation (formally known as Carolina Cups), these dollars provide gap funding for heroic, budget-restricted, nonprofit service providers.

We are able to slice through red tape, and support game-changing beneficiaries across the country.

Where do these donations go and how are the funds used?

Now YOU get to determine who receives our funding. If you, or your team, raises at least $5,000 we will donate 75% of your funds to the charity of your choice.

It can be in Anchorage or Austin or Africa, just as long as it is a US registered 501c3 breast cancer charity in good standing.

Support the cancer center that is treating your sister, or the clinic that provides free mammograms in your hometown, or a research group that is working 24/7 to find a cure.

If you raise less than 5k, our nonprofit will distribute your fundraising dollars to some of our favorite breast cancer charity partners like Hollings Cancer Center and Volunteers in Medicine clinics around the country.

Regardless of how much money you raise, we work hard to squeeze those funds back into the communities to fund life saving screening, treatment, and research. Our goal is to maintain the highest Guidestar rating for nonprofits year after year.


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