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Fripp Island Audubon Club

Are you a nature lover? Have a bird feeder in your yard? You might enjoy the Fripp Island Audubon Club. This Fripp Island Club organizes field trips and workshops to educate and encourage people who love nature or who want to know more about the Lowcountry fauna and flora. For more information on this fantastic club, click the link here

With all of the technology that surrounds us today, sometimes the simple pleasure of enjoying the moment escapes us. Learning how to put down our screens and simply watch the birds at the bird feeder is becoming an art form.

My entire family are screen driven in one way or another. My recent high school graduate and his little brother have never known a time without being able to carry a smart phone. Both my husband and myself work from home using computers and heavily relying on our phones as well. While this technology is helpful on so many levels, we tend to spend a lot of time on them.

We have learned to take advantage of our surroundings by enjoying breakfast on the porch together while bird and squirrel watching. At first, we were happy for the squirrels to share in the seed, but then they became greedy and hogged the seed keeping birds off of the feeder. We took it as our personal mission to stop the squirrels from eating all of the bird seed from the feeder. As a family, we spent a number of mornings laughing and strategizing on how to outsmart these little creatures. It took us about 3 tries, but we believe we accomplished our goal.


If you are interested in finding the perfect front porch to watch birds, give me a call.  I’ll be happy to help you escape your screens! 🙂