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Fripp Island Real Estate

Fripp Island is one of the most sought after property for oceanfront homes and dream villas. While buying the oceanfront properties, it is crucial to know that the value of land is even more important to consider than usual. Also, you must know that rather than the structure of such a home, it is important to look at the value of land. Fripp Island real estate properties should therefore be bought meticulously. However, in case you are boater and tides or water depths are your best friends, you need to understand a lot more than a usual waterfront property buyer. Fripp Island Real Estate

The first thing is obviously that tides as well as depth of the water is crucial and you must investigate these elements before buying a property. You need to know that the depths may vary from boater to boater. For example there are different kinds of boating preferences for the people such as pontoon boats, power boats and sail boats. The water depth for these kinds of boaters will definitely vary.

For the boaters looking for Fripp Island , it is important to ask a question to yourself. You need to ask to yourself whether it is okay for you to monitor water tides and keep the process to and fro or you wish to keep the boat out always. Also, you should check the tidal property in the times of high as well as low tides. This will allow you to differentiate the view properly.

Another crucial thing for the boaters is to consider the property during the right time of the year. For example, in the winters, the water views can be expansive while in the summer or spring months, the vegetation would fill out thereby slowing down your ability towards apparent sight lines. Keeping all these things in mind can help boaters buy a perfect real estate in the Fripp Island.

With money in hand, construction began in early 1962 on the bridge that was be one third of a mile long. But there were obstacles ahead. The first, pilings did not have stable footing, thus it was necessary to dynamite them and begin again. A further complication developed when the company building the bridge had financial difficulties and had to stop work. Kilgore had to quickly find a new company to complete the project. During the summer of 19 63 Dick and Norine Smoak, who were among the first to Norine buy a lot, describe crossing the bridge. We would drive as far as possible on the new bridge, park the car and walked a few yards on row planks fastened to the heavy concrete pillars and cling desperately to a rope railing. Since there was no approach for the bridge on Fripp island side, they had to climb down a steep ladder onto the ground. The bridge was completed in November 1963.

The bridge first opened there was a toll of $2 for each crossing. But by 1965, Kilgore wanted to purchase the bridge in order to ensure the privacy of the island and to reduce the $2 toll, which seemed excessively high for the time. With the transfer of ownership of the bridge to the resort on November 4, 1965, Kilgore instituted bridge passes. For $500, usually paid at the time a lot was purchased, those with bridge passes could cross the bridge indefinitely without paying additional fees.