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Fripp Island SC Golf Course

An impasse developed towards the end of 1970 when the Fripp island resort and La Tia Inn failed to make their agreed contributions for the running off Fripp island country club. In the winter months of 1969 the La Tia Inn had offered guests unlimited complimentary golf 18 hole championship course, 3 free balls, and free Golf clinics. In return for being able to offer this and other attractive packages, the Fripp island country club expected La Tia Inn to make monthly contributions to the general operating fund. However, the money was not forthcoming. Furthermore, the Fripp island resort, which featured the golf course in marketing the island, was $70,000 behind in its payments to the club.

Bradley Harvey Senior, the president of the Fripp island country club, detailed the financial dilemma in a memo on December 18, 1970, to all certificate holders all the Fripp island country club. Harvey noted that without the contributions from the resort and the inn, the club was unable to make its October mortgage payment. When the bank was about to foreclose on the golf course, 15 members of the club put up $5000 each to raise the necessary money to buy the mortgage from First Federal of Savannah. Harvey concluded in memo by stating: all of the people who put up the money did so open that the Fripp island resort and La Tia Inn would realize that the membership certificate holders cannot run a golf course for their benefit without substantial have from them.

However, the resort inn did not make their promised contributions and the situation did not improve. A property owner from Greensboro, North Carolina, named CD Warnick voice a frequently heard sentiment when he stated that he got course was in a very bad state of repair. Besides having rough greens and unkempt fairways, many Fripp property owners consider the house trailer, which after the fire served as a pro shop, an eyesore. JR Bergevin, the general manager of the inn, agreed. All February 23, 1971, he notified the board that a North Carolina business group had just cancelled its convention at the inn. This action, Bergevin explained, was due entirely to the state all the Fripp island golf course. The following month Bergevin again wrote to the board detailing how poor conditions only got course are having a negative impact on the inn’s occupancy rate.

The Fripp island country club instituted a due structure in 1971 in an effort to raise needed operating funds, but the amount of money required for exceeding the capacity all the club members. Because the resort had indicated that it would not make any payments to the club, the members concluded, the club should rejoin resort and Realty from advertising that an 18 hole golf course is available to prospective lot purchasers. Additionally they decided to advise the resort and Realty Company that any future owners of lots could not enjoy the privilege all the club unless they become club members. The rift between the golfers and the resort management had widened. The club member’s determination to force Jack Kilgore and the resort to have support the golf course was, however, to no avail. Kilgore had his own serious financial problems.