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Beautiful Fripp Island located in South Carolina on the East Coast is a bird and wild life sanctuary. We have loggerhead turtles nesting on the beach in the spring and summer. If you want the experience of a lifetime you need see the baby turtles rushing to the water. The island has a group of active residents patrolling the beaches to ensure the animals are visitors don’t disturb the nests.

Here are plentiful and will eat out of your hand but please do not be the deer. All the animals on the island should be treated with respect because they are wild animals. We also have alligators, squirrels, raccoons, or armadillos. The bird population includes egrets, herons, osprey, seagull and pelicans.

If you like to fish we have numerous fish and crustacean species can be found in the waterways and estuaries that surround the island. The island has always been a great destination for fishing and crabbing. The blue crab are plentiful and easy to catch and they make a delicious dinner.

Fripp Island is a neighborhood conveniently located on the South Carolina coast about an hour from Hilton head and 1 hour and a half from Charleston South Carolina. It was not discovered by the public until about five years ago. It is now a vacation, second home, and permanent home for people from all over the world.
Fripp and harbor islands are two of the most beautiful islands and South Carolina. I specialize in helping my clients find the best value in making their dream come true. Please call me if you’re interested in relocating to the most beautiful place earth. 843-575-2820

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