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Fripp’s First Building

The early sales pitch included the assurance that the money for the purchase of lots would be placed in an escrow account and returned if the corporation had not signed a contract by December 1962 for the construction of the bridge. The prospectus described plans for water, sewer and electricity. The first lots were sold as part of package sales that included several lots as well as shares in the corporation. In 1961 Archie and Liz Taylor purchased one of the first packages for $4,000, for which they received two lots and some stock. Bill Winter recalls that in 1962 he paid $5,000 for two lots and one thousand shares of stock in the Fripp Island Resort. Packages that included oceanfront lot were about $8,000. fripp island real estate

Fripp Island Real Estate

Kilgore reported at the annual stockholders meeting in 1964 that land sales for the year had totaled over $600,000. The news in 1964 from neighboring barrier islands was both encouraging and daunting. Hilton Head Island had claimed a spot among Dun and Bradstreet’s list of America’s two hundred fastest growing cities and boasted two of the five accommodations in South Carolina to receive an outstanding rating in the 1964 Mobil Travel Guide. In contrast, the reports from Hunting Island were of erosion. Hurricane Dora, which hit the area in September 1964, eroded thirty to sixty feet of beach from Hunting Island and seriously damaged the road to the beach. While there had been some early reports of high water threatening the Fripp Island Bridge, Kilgore quickly reported Fripp Island passed this hurricane test completely without damage in any way. fripp island real estate

Shortly after completion of the bridge, construction began on the Fripp Island Administration Building, the first building to be erected on Fripp and the one that would serve as the focal point for sales. Located near the bridge, the innovative building had fifty on exterior panels of sand sculptured relief, featuring abstract designs of nautical objects such as ships and sea horses. The undulating profile of the roofline recalled the rhythmic waves of the surf. The moat that partially surrounded the building flowed inside, terminating in the lobby in a sunken fish pool that contained a model of the island. As the first building in South Carolina to use sand sculptured panels, the resort’s headquarters building was indeed innovative; however, it did not prove durable, for it stood for only a decade.

Fripp Island Real Estate