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Fripp Island Expense

Most people want to know “what is it going to cost to live on Fripp?”

Well, the answer is very unique according to which neighborhood you choose, which internet provider you choose, whether or not this will be your primary residence or not, and the list goes on.  As with any home, personal choices will affect what the Fripp Island lifestyle will cost you.

Property taxes are a must and, whether this home is your primary residence or not, will affect what you pay.

Property Taxes

Primary residence owners who prove residency pay a lower amount in real property taxes versus investment or second home owners.  Keep in mind South Carolina does have some homestead exemption options, but the link below will take you to the Beaufort County government website to estimate taxes based on home value.

Click RESOURCES to be connected to Beaufort County Tax Assessor


Second, every property owner becomes a member of the Fripp Island Property Owner’s Association.

Currently our fees are $1100 per Year.

The Fripp Island Property Owners Association (FIPOA) interacts on a positive level regarding development and general matters of concern to all islanders.  Protective covenants and architectural standards maintain harmony between development and the environment. Charged with preserving Fripp Island’s natural beauty, the Architectural Review Board reviews and approves new home designs, remodeling efforts and landscaping.

In addition, the FIPOA owns the island’s half-mile access bridge, its streets, lagoons, lakes, beach accesses and other common areas. It also provides the island’s security service.

Neighborhood Regime Fees – Inside of Fripp are a number of different neighborhoods, and each has its own regime fees depending on neighborhood pool, docks, playgrounds, etc.  Not all properties have a regime fee, so be sure to ask whether it does or not when looking at properties.

Condo Regime Fees – If you purchase a condo, each complex has its own regime management and fees that apply as well as the FIPOA fees.


Insurance Costs

Estimated between $3000 and upwards depending on deductibles coverage, location, value.  Typical types of insurance include wind and hail, flood, excess flood, golf cart coverage, and contents.  Several vendors are available in Beaufort.

Club Membership

Club Membership is not required when you purchase real property on Fripp Island, but is required for use of pools, golf courses, racquet club, and restaurants.  An initiation fee of $20,000 as well as a monthly fee depending on the type of membership you choose. See Club Membership Fees.


Utilities – Estimated utilities (for an average 3 bedroom home)

Electric $200/month                   Click RESOURCES to find vendors

Water/Sewer $80/month          Click RESOURCES to find vendors

Telephone $40/month

Cable TV $60/month

Garbage $40/month

Utilities Information

  1. Electric -Dominion Energy

A telephone call is all that is required to establish service. A deposit may be required if you have not had prior service with Dominion Energy or may be waived with a letter of credit from your current service. If you are a BUYER, please give the effective date as the day after your scheduled closing. If you are a SELLER, please give permission for the buyer to have the service transferred to their name. DO NOT tell SCE&G to DISCONNECT, just give permission to transfer and give them your forwarding address for your final bill.

2. Water and Sewer –  Public Service District

291 Tarpon Boulevard
Fripp Island, SC 29920       


Telephone contact and application is needed to establish service in your name; however, you will need to know the closing date so a water reading can be completed. SELLER should call to give FIPSD your forwarding address for your final bill.   Apply Online:

There are a number of providers available for internet, phone, cable, and trash pickup.

**The information is subject to change without notice.