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How Do Buyer Broker Agreements Work

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When searching for a Fripp or Harbor Island property listed by real estate companies, at some point during your search, you will need to find someone to represent your best interests and assist you with the purchase.

A business relationship occurs when you agree to engage a licensed real estate professional to represent you. This could be one of the biggest investments that you make for a home, condo, luxury estate or income property.  So, it is important to understand two topics Real Estate Agency and the benefits of engaging a real estate professional in a Buyer Broker Agreement discussed below…

Your Interests are Professionally Represented

  • A Buyer Broker Agreement enables you to hire a personal representative who, by law, must exclusively represent your best interests at all times.
  • They will guide you through the home buying process
  • Structure an offer that protects you
  • Negotiate and advise you on the details…so, you can make the best decisions.

Consulting Skills and Personal Service

  • A Buyer’s Agent listens to your feedback and concerns about each home.
  • They provide comparable sales of homes within the area to help you determine the best price to offer.

Teamwork…Everybody Wins

  • A Buyer’s Agent works together with you to form a team. So you don’t feel like they are trying to sell you something. True buyer agents are real estate consultants.

You need to hire, at no cost to you because the seller typically pays the buyer’s agent at the close of escrow, an agent or consultant to represent your best interests….perhaps someone on The Red Wagon Team

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