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Did you know that Fripp Island…

Fine dining, premier golfing, and various beach clubs await you on Fripp Island. With a wide array of things to do this is by far, an ideal place for a vacation home, or a wonderful place to dwell and relax. Aside from the beautiful aesthetics and abodes of Fripp Island, there are a thousand reasons to love it here.

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Read 10 Fun Facts About Fripp Island Below!

  1. Fripp Island hosts 3.5 miles of commodious beaches!
  2. The island is home to less than 1000 residents.
  3. King Charles II named the island after Captain Fripp who then settled down on it.
  4. Old legends say that the island was a hotspot for pirates and their treasure.
  5. The legends also say that Captain Fripp buried his lost treasure here!
  6. Fripp Island is the closest SC island to the sea!
  7. Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation, though people do have cars; most residents prefer the golf carts.
  8. Fripp Resorts owns and operates all establishments on the island.
  9. Many people purchase a vacation home on the island, and rent it out to visitors while it is vacant.
  10. Those in charge of the development of Fripp Island strive to preserve its natural wildlife and habitat.

Life on Fripp Island definitely fits the bill to have white sandy beaches.  Our beaches have a gradual decent into the Atlantic, and you have access to 3.5 miles of beach to walk, run, or sit and enjoy.  Most of the year you can enjoy the beach without a crowd.  4th of July is the only week we have large crowds on the island.

While we have over 2,000 properties on Fripp, approximately 400 families live on Fripp full time. We have a mixture of condo units, townhomes, and single family homes that are used as rentals or second homes.

Fripp Island is one of the barrier islands located off the coast of Beaufort.  Because of its location, it offers some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Traffic jams are a thing of the past once you arrive on Fripp.  Everyone parks their car and hops on a golf cart!  You can find a beach access within a few minutes golf cart ride from anywhere on the island.  Bicycles are another way to get around the island, and a great way to stay in shape.

Fripp Island Resort manages the golf courses, tennis courts, all restaurants, and the pools on the island.  Membership is not a requirement to live on the island. But, membership is required to use the amenities owned by the resort.

Many people who purchase a property on Fripp decide to rent the property to help pay for some of the incurred expenses.  Properties are rented year round, but high season is usually from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Holidays such as Easter and Thanksgiving, are also great rental weeks. Click HERE for homes for rent.

Although I haven’t found Captain Fripp’s buried treasure, I have found the wildlife and lifestyle on Fripp are full of riches.  Because Fripp Island is a wildlife sanctuary, deer roam through the island freely.  Often newborn fawns and sometimes twin fawns can be seen grazing with their mothers.  Many of the bucks look very majestic.  In addition, loggerhead turtle come to the island to lay eggs.  Fripp has a turtle patrol group who count the nests and look after them.  Also, the Audubon Club builds special houses for the blue birds.  They have meetings as well as their own Facebook page to follow.

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