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John Lee Fripp Island Real Estate South Carolina

Fripp Island Real Estate

John Lee has been a resident of Fripp Island for the past 18 years.  After raising a family in Easley, South Carolina, John and his wife decided to reside at Fripp Island.  They were drawn to the beautiful low country scenery and were very impressed with the amenities the island had to offer as well as the relaxed pace of life.

John’s first priority in life is God and family. It was not by accident that he became a Real Estate Agent.  After his buying experience provided by his agent when purchasing his home site, the decision was easy.  He saw the need for an agent that was willing to work hard for clients and do the right thing.  There are two things he made a commitment to do:    Never buy a property that you already have a client that wants to purchase and never sell something that you would not buy yourself.

Before entering into the real estate profession, he worked 18 years with Celanese Americas. While at Celanese, John worked his way through different positions and responsibilities until making a decision to go in the direction of Material Management.

John joined the Material Management group of Digital Equipment Corp. which at the time was the 2nd largest computer company in the world.   He was a senior level manger for 18 years.  The various responsibilities of this position included being involved in planning, purchasing, hazardous waste, and maintaining and managing personnel. His group was so proficient in inventory control that his facility was the first to achieve physical inventory exemption in the corporation. John had many achievements while work at Digital but the one he is most remembered for is his abilities to manage people.

John has always put his clients first. His knowledge of computers and marketing has made him the Top producing agent for years on Fripp Island. He always took top awards in his 8 years in real estate. He is one of the most trusted agents to ever work in his area.

In the real estate market the best comments you can receive is from other agents. He has sold the personal properties of other active agents. My goal is to make life time friends with my clients and give the best service to all clients regardless of what they want to purchase.

As you can see from John’s back ground he is mindful of every detail. He cares about his clients and wants to help them purchase a home or property that they will be happy with for a lifetime.

Fripp Island Real Estate