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New Home Owners on Fripp

Chuck and Margaret Owens were one of the first full time families not associated with the resort. They moved to Fripp in 1965 after Chuck became the first headmaster to Beaufort Academy. They reported that friends frequently asked them what island life was like. Having moved to Fripp from Atlanta, they said that they relished living in a sportsman’s paradise, where there was a golf course and the finites surf and deep sea fishing are available at your doorstep. Thus they happily traded the traffic congestion, smog, and many problems associated with city lid, for nature and a more relaxed life on Fripp. They found enormous pleasure in watching the ever changing face of the ocean as it responds to the wind and tide. In writing about life on Fripp, Chuck Owens concluded, As the full moon rises majestically out of the ocean to bathe our island in its light, Margaret and I are again  resolved that we could never exchange this beauty and serenity for all the glamour and excitement of the neon lighted panorama of Peachtree street. Fripp Island Real Estate

Retirees soon became the core of Fripp’s population. Typical of his group were Kay and Ken Engler, who moved from Short Hills, New Jersey, where Ken had been in the building supply business. Kay, a member of the Hammond Map Company family, became a social ringleader who organized parties at the drop of a hat. When new people moved to Fripp, Kay would round the residents for a get acquainted cocktail party.

Two other early settlers who contributed greatly to the Fripp community were Dick and Norine Smoak, who 1966 built the island’s sixteenth house and the first home on the south end of the island. The following year dick retired from his position at the Pentagon and began selling lots on Fripp. With his gracious, outgoing personality, Dick made friends with all he met and sold over seventy five lots in five years. Norine, a nature enthusiast, referred to herself as a one person chamber of commerce and when asked what she did, she replied, I watch birds, clouds in the sky, count pelicans, walk on the beach, grow a few flowers, enjoy friends and read and read. A life that she described as not exciting but very satisfying. Fripp Island Real Estate