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Beaufort County Tax Assessor Office

(843) 255-2000

Fripp Island POA


(843) 838-4155

Fripp Island Resort Club

(843) 838-1528

Although a FI Club Membership is required for use of pools, restaurants, golf, and tennis facilities, a homeowner is not required to join.




South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G)

PO Drawer 1168

Beaufort, SC 29920


Note:A deposit may be required if you have not had prior service with SCE&G or may be waived with a letter of credit from your current service.

SELLERS, please give permission for the buyer to have the service transferred to their name. Please do not tell SCE&G to DISCONNECT, just give permission to transfer and give them your forwarding address for your final bill.

BUYERS, please give the effective date as the day after your scheduled closing.



Water and Sewer

Fripp Island Public Service District

291 Tarpon Boulevard

Fripp Island, SC 29920


BUYERS, Telephone contact and application are needed to establish service in your name; however, you will need to know the closing date so a water reading can be completed.

SELLERS, pleases call to give FIPSD your forwarding address for your final bill.