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With years of experience as a Fripp Island real estate agent and resident, Mandi Lee is delighted to share this beautiful location and her expertise with others. Whether you are you looking for a permanent home or you are searching for a beautiful, quiet vacation home in South Carolina, Lee can help you find the property that you have always dreamed about.


 Looking for Fripp Island Homes for Sale

If you’re in search of island homes for sale, Fripp and Harbor Island Properties has many residences to show you. Do you want a quiet place located on the island that meets your simple needs or are you looking for a larger property for your family to grow? Lee can show you everything from cozy condos, to multi-story homes to expansive beachside mansions and more.


Lee is committed to finding the ideal home for you and your family in the ideal location. If you are looking for Fripp Island Real Estate and homes for sale, make sure your first call is Mandi Lee at Fripp and Harbor Island Properties.


Selling your Fripp Island Home

If you want to upgrade to a larger home, relocate on the island, or move back to the inland, Lee will work with you and get your home in front of serious buyers, and help you get the best possible outcome from the sale. She will market and advertise your property, and beautifully stage your home to attract several buyers.


Fripp Island is a Great Location to Live

When living on Fripp Island, you’ll be able to easily access U.S. Route 21, South Carolina via the inlet bridge, Charleston, Savannah and Georgia for a taste of the big-city. After exploring, you’ll be able to come home to the beauty and serenity of your home on Fripp Island.


 Things to Do on Fripp Island

Fripp Island has beautiful weather year-round, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors. Stay active by golfing on one of the two stunning golf courses, hiking or biking on one of the trails, and kayaking, sailing and fishing in the refreshing water. If you wish to lay in the sand and read a book, visit the beach via one of the many beach accesses. After purchasing a home on Fripp Island, there will be no shortage of fun things to do.

If you’re in search of Fripp Island real estate and homes for sale, are making plans to sell, or just want to learn more about the island life, contact Mandi Lee today at 843-301-0819.